The Mysterious Charm of Armenian Women (Uncovered)

Armenian women have an enigmatic charm that is tough to pinpoint. They are stunningly beautiful, but there is more to them than just their physical appearance.

They have a certain “je ne sais quoi” about them that makes them irresistible. Armenian women know how to captivate those around them, whether it’s their intelligence, humor, or passion for life.

Have you already met that Armenian woman with hazel / black deep eyes like peers into the heart, tempting curvy shape, proud and clever, captivated by her mysterious charm unknown to you? Take a deep breath! We are here to unfold what’s hidden behind that charm and find ways to steal her “Armenian” heart.

Characteristics of Armenian Women

No one can question the alluring look of Armenian women: wide forehead, dense dark hair, long and thick eyelashes, large and impressive jet-black eyes, slim waist, wide thighs, and oh man, that charm! There is no surprise that Armenian women have been considered The Most Beautiful Women in the World a couple of years ago by the Daily MailOpens in a new tab.. Some women also have introverted characteristics.

Before jumping to dating an Armenian woman, make sure to get acquainted with the general characteristics of Armenian women.

Beautiful young Armenian brunette woman at the park

Top 7 Beautiful Armenian Women 2022

The Family Is a Top Priority

Armenian girls are raised to be deeply devoted to the family.  Due to their strong family ties they always end up being the perfect wives and caring mothers respecting folk traditions and family roots. Divorce rates are considerably low in Armenia which suggests that Armenian women will do anything to preserve their family where children are prioritized. For some, even, taking care of the house and family, being a mother is the number one priority, which is directly connected to the traditional mentality and gender roles, however, not typical for everyone. 

Traditional Armenian Family Dancing Together

In a family of an Armenian woman, the husband is always pleased and happy, the guests are contented and thrilled, and the house is full of happiness, warmth, and color. For an Armenian woman, her husband is the best man in the world. 

Although Armenian women are well-organized, great cooks, and excellent households, modern Armenian women tend to keep the family life and work in balance together with their husbands to maintain family unity. 

Creativity and Hard Work

Work is not just for ensuring financial security but also for pleasure. Most Armenian women love their work and just sometimes they get taken by their professional life which is quite encouraged by the employers especially if they are 20+ rather than professionals with experience. However, despite their busy work schedule, they seem to always find time for their family, friends, and entertainment.

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Armenians, in general, are a hard-working nation and Armenian women always aspire to the top, even if it means changing their occupation and seeking new areas worth their effort and investment. Especially the young generation of Armenian women tends to stick to new, creative, and innovative ideas that are valued by many professionals.  

Education Is Crucial

In Armenian culture, higher education is of utmost importance if not a must. It’s more common for Armenian women to attend universities than for other nations. Traditionally, it’s about the reputation of your family and keeping your parents head high and proud. 

The majority of Armenian women graduate at the age of 21 which offers them more opportunities for their professional life from a younger age than in many other countries. 

Self-development and Growth

Armenian women today tend to personal development and growth. A young Armenian woman can easily change her occupation based on her continuously emerging interests and be engaged in a completely different activity of a certain subculture. That’s the key to their creativity, enthusiasm, and openness to new experiences and fields.


Armenian women devote a great amount of attention to their looks.  Many Armenian women are experts in make-up, hairstyles, and design. The casual look for Armenian women is similar to that of Europe and the USA. One can judge a lot about the personality of Armenian women by their outfit and they know it, after all, Armenians had their traditional fashion trends called “Taraz” since ancient times. Many details of the Armenian traditional clothing “Taraz” have been incorporated into modern Armenian fashion by Armenian famous designers nowadays. Regardless, every woman has her style that’s unique in its own way.

From Taraz making to Famous Armenian Fashion Designers

Do’s and Dont’s with Armenian Women

While dating an Armenian woman take into consideration that most of them are interested in long-lasting relationships and are looking for a serious partner that would lead to marriage. So you need to build a strong ground from the first date. However, expect the relationship to develop relatively slowly, they need more time te get to know you better before making a serious decision. 

Armenian woman seeks determination and masculinity in a man. She pictures a strong man near her who would be her backbone in everything and be there in tough moments. A man should be ready to nearly always take an initiative starting from the very first date. Don’t ever expect the Armenian woman to ask you for a date first, call you first, text you first, kiss you first (during the first days of dating). Just take the matter into your hands and go ahead! Determination, remember?

If you ask her on a date, make sure you already have in mind that restaurant or that special place and its location to propose. Armenian women like decision-makers and pleasant surprises. Nevertheless, do not push boundaries too much, everything should be in the frames of comfort. You don’t want to disappoint her with your unreasonable and unpredictable actions and situations.

a man opening a car door for the Armenian woman
Armenian man opening a car door for the Armenian woman

Armenian woman wants you to be the real gentleman: hold the door for her, offer your help, e.g. if she carries something heavy, pour the glass of wine yourself, be the conversation starter, and most importantly, don’t ever let her pay the restaurant bill on the first days of dating. She may offer you to share the bill, but under no circumstances, don’t want to let her. In Armenian culture, it’s common for a man to pay the bill himself if he’s accompanied by a woman. 

Correspondingly, when dating an Armenian woman would be really nice if you accompany her home, in case she goes by taxi or bus, pay for the ride beforehand even if you’re not going with her. This will make a good impression on her but is not necessarily a must. When your relationship would have already gone far, you can share the bill and discuss it together.

Now, when I said to be the conversation starter, does not mean starting to talk about yourself for hours. This also does not mean being silent, asking questions, and listening. Be confident, and active in conversation but know when to talk and when to listen. Armenians in general love to talk about their culture whenever they have the chance, even if they don’t, they will not hesitate to create one. The same goes for Armenian women. Talking about culture as a conversation starter can be a real ice-breaker and a way of showing your interest in Armenian culture and, most importantly, in her. Before your first date make sure to think of some interesting questions on Armenian culture and you will see how eagerly she will talk with lots of smiles and laughter ruling your conversation.

What You NEED to Know Before Dating an Armenian Woman

While dating Armenian women remember to keep her at the center of the conversation flow and make it sweet. Ask about her, work, family, hobbies, and traditions. This will make her feel like you’re truly interested in family and do respect her traditions and values, which also will lead to arising interest in you. 

Do not make a huge mistake of talking about your previous love experience on your first date with an Armenian woman. This will detach you subconsciously. She seeks a man ready for a long-term relationship and whom she can rely on, who will be faithful to her. Also, avoid engaging in taboo conversations as she will assume you’re not being serious and trying to use her.

Instead, focus on her and pour some sincere compliments on her. Armenian women are different than Western women so this will have only positive results. You will witness her blossoming with a half-hidden smile and cheeks turning rose.

Honesty is a key to win an Armenian Woman's heart
Honesty is a key to win an Armenian Woman’s heart

Telling about your future plans is another great way of impressing your Armenian woman on a date. They like guys who have serious plans for the future and know precisely what they want. This way you will become the supporting, strong, and clever man she wishes to see next to her.

Ultimately, keep it real, be confident, and just be yourself. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, modern Armenian women are open to relationships regardless of nation and religion. 

Armenian woman has the power to make your life heaven on earth if you treat her well, show love and respect, she deserves it because she is… an Armenian woman.

What is it like dating an Armenian woman?

Dating an Armenian Woman? 9 Things you Should know!

When it comes to dating an Armenian woman, there are a few things that you should know. These women are usually very family-oriented and they will never forget about their roots. If you’re not Armenian, then you should know that they have a strong sense of national pride and will never forget where they came from. You also need to know that Armenian women are very hardworking and dedicated. They always put their best into everything they do, so if you’re looking for someone who is going to bring a lot of passion into the relationship, then this is the girl for you!

Wondering how to impress an Armenian girl?

The Armenian culture is one of the most ancient in the world. Armenian women are known to be very beautiful and they are said to have the best skin in the world. Men from all over the world want to date an Armenian woman, but they need to know how to impress them first.

  • 1) Be a gentleman: Armenian women love when a man opens doors for them, pulls out chairs for them, and helps them with their coat when they’re cold. If you want to make an impression on an Armenian woman, be sure that you’re chivalrous!
  • 2) Be confident: Armenian women love men who know what they want and aren’t afraid of going after it. Don’t be too shy or too aggressive though – not every woman is.

Captivating Armenian Beauty and Unique Souvenirs

Whether it is the beautiful appearance of Armenian girls, or the beautiful costumes and charming characters, we are fascinated. If you travel through Armenia, you can learn more about them and get in touch with them.

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