Dating an Armenian Woman? 10 Things you Should know!

I was born and raised by amazing, pure-blood Armenian parents. I also ended up choosing to marry an Armenian. Now I am raising two of my own, not necessarily with the same ideology I was raised with.

If you are dating an Armenian girl, and she likes you, you have nothing to worry about. She will treat you like a king, and her parents will treat you like royalty. They will try to impress you, respect you, and give their best to you; because they want you to treat their daughter the same way. Your parents and family will be getting the same kind of respect. 

I chose an Armenian husband because I wanted to pass my Armenian heritage to my children. After migrating and getting to know new cultures, I teach my children to accept others too.

Armenian lady sitting on the couch with a book in her hand
Beautiful Armenian lady sitting on the couch with a book in her hand

Armenian women dress to impress

You better come prepared. Growing up, she was taught what to wear and how to act. If she said yes to going out with you, it means she ikes you. She will be in one of her best looks and shining head to toe. Armenian girls love wearing famous brands and showing off their good taste.

You better get her a bouquet, knock on their door and talk to her parents. Win her mom’s heart with a few nice words and roses, and she will be nice to you. This will make them trust you, but don’t worry, someone from her family will be following you all the time. 

She is free, strong, and over-confident. Show her that you are protective, keep eye contact and rarely let go of her hand, and she will trust you; you will need that to win her over so that she gets rid of the family protection unit. 

Winning the Hearts of Armenian Girls: Understanding Culture and Gifting Thoughtfully

To impress Armenian girls, you must first understand their culture and values, and respect their habits and beliefs. Secondly, you need to show your own personality and taste, and you can attract their attention through some interesting topics or interactions. Finally, you can consider giving them some small gifts, such as local handicrafts or cute pins, these small gifts can express your heart, and can also show your taste and cultural literacy.

On the way of dating, to impress Armenian girls, you need to respect their culture and personal habits, and at the same time show your personality and taste, and send some small gifts at the right time, such as cute pins, so that they can feel your sincerity and care. You can get more at

Public Affection

Armenian families are overprotective; even if she loses her chaperone for you, she will be checking her back. She likes to keep a clean reputation. She wouldn’t want to lose her privileges for you. Try not to embarrass her with a kiss in the car or even holding hands in public. Keep that for after getting married. She will be wild, don’t worry. 

Armenian girls are taught to keep their emotions to themselves. Their parents have probably told them every secret in the dating handbook to protect them from players. They are shy and probably will never be the first to say the L word, but you will see it all in her eyes. So as soon as you notice the spark, go ahead and open up your heart. 

Take her to a religious place, Armenians being one of the first Christian Nations, love visiting holy sites, it will give them the impression you have good intentions. Having her meet your parents would show good intentions too, but never at a huge family gathering to meet them all at once.

How to get the attention of an Armenian girl

How Armenian Women Treat Non-Armenians

If you are not Armenian, don’t worry, she will still date you. Try to learn a few Armenian words before you knock on the door. Respect is everything. There will be no trouble if you are open to learning about new cultures and don’t mind her practicing her usual Armenian life. 

When you meet the parents, you better do your math and try to impress them with your knowledge about famous Armenian history facts, especially the Armenian Genocide in 1915. Knowing some Armenian friends and their family names will give them the impression that you are humble and easy to talk to. Knowledge and appreciation of Armenian food are also a plus. 

If she will meet your parents, make sure your side of the family is also cool and accepting, at least for the time being, to the Armenian world. 

Why Armenian Women are Spoiled!

I was the third and youngest child in my family. My elder sister was the first girl among my cousins. When she was born, my father celebrated by distributing sweets at the hospital. She was the queen; I was the little princess.

No matter how hard he wants the boy to carry on his name, it’s the girl that captivates his heart. She is the one he decided to grow up or man up for.
His responsibilities started the day she was born. He decides to cut the ponytail, sell the bike, stay home for the weekend, and maybe teach her some football or self-defense. All she has to do is to sit on his lap and ask kindly. 

Later in life, he will teach her how to deal with boys until she finds a replica of him. Giving her away will fill his eyes with tears. 

Armenian girls are talented.

As the Armenian race has gone through so much trouble through the ages, most parents spend so much time educating their daughters in the best way they can to build a strong character in their children and not need anyone. 

An Armenian family encourages their daughters to learn music, play instruments, join church choirs… etc.
Domestically, grandmothers will teach their young girls how to make traditional food like meatballs and pastry, behave in society, and respect other people’s boundaries. This they will practice during the pre-teen years when they accept guests and show their hospitality.

All the above will not be complete without a little social training in reserved posture and way of life.

What does an Armenian girl look like?

Armenian people belong to the Indo-European ethnic group. They are of the white race mainly. Evidence leads many to believe that Armenians initially had white skin, red hair, and blue eyes. Not everyone had black hair or light wheatish skin like the famous Kardashians. 

Armenians are one of the earliest recorded Aryans, along with the Greeks. Of course, they are White People. Armenians are sometimes mistakenly considered Caucasians, but this is false because Armenia is located in the Armenian highlands, the mountainous region south of the Caucasus.

People have likely mixed with Greeks, Georgians, and Iranians, but they definitely don’t look like Southern Asians. One distinct physical characteristic of Armenians is having the Eagle-Nose.

There are some regions in Armenia where you would find people with red hair and colored eyes, so many blonds, like the Armenian Olympic champion Artur Aleksanyan or The Armenians in Hamshen. They haven’t mixed with other tribes. 

Do Armenian Women have rights? 

The Armenian Lady was the matriarch of the family, and the men of the house gave huge importance to her. She was strong, smart, creative, proud like Mount Ararat, and willing to fight for her family.

She chose her husband. Queens and princesses were royal advisors, and most women were sent to study in European universities. 

After the Armenian Genocide, 1.5 million Armenians lost their souls, and these women were left without husbands or brothers. They survived and were in charge of preserving the Armenian Language and reviving the whole Armenian Nation. 

Women marched through the deserts of the Middle East, and many took boats and eventually reached Europe, then the USA. Many survivors’ stories tell us that these women remarried and recreated their families. 

Today, women in the Republic of Armenia, having survived the soviet era, have stricter parents and brothers. Although most women are educated still, they are excessively obedient, conservative, and dedicated to their homes. In most cases, they are highly educated.  

Armenian working women and what they look like?

Armenian girls are lucky nowadays because most continue their education and follow their dreams of becoming independent and successful.

This wasn’t the case a century ago when parents preferred to raise girls who were good for the kitchen and their husbands. However, this changed through the years.
Nowadays, you will find successful doctors, nurses, bankers, teachers, athletes, artists, etc. of Armenian origin all around the globe. 

Perfectionist Armenian women, no matter where they live, love to take care of their outer appearance, so you will find them in somehow conservative clothes. No matter their body type or shape, they have high beauty standards and will find a way to have well-done hair and an elegant look. 

 Are Armenian girls Friendly? 

Armenian family members still go the extra mile to defend their family honor, so the poor Armenian girls try to avoid problems and keep them under the radar. This gives the impression that beautiful Armenian women also have introverted characteristics.

This is until they feel safe because they will not play around knowing their mom or brothers are somehow overprotective and got her back. It will take time until they trust you and know you are of good material to introduce to her family. That is also why they will make good and trustworthy wives. 

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