How Old is Nanul Armenian Singer? (Songs 2022)

We first saw Nanul in 2015 in a beautiful duet with Armenian Superstar Lilit Hovannessyan called “Im Tiknikn Es.” She looked like a little Shirley Temple dancing with her cute smile beside the PopStar.

Today Nanul is 12 years old but when she started she was 3.5. As a first impression, it was nice to see an Armenian artist pave the way for a talented little girl who can sing. Nanul and Lilit took our breath away with their song “Im Tiknikn Es” meaning you are my doll. 

The cute Nanul was wondering why people called her a “grown-up then down,” asking Lilit for her Golden Dress so she could dance.

Nanul’s Parents

Nanul’s parents are Vika Martirosyan and Petros Pashinyan, and they were married on June 27, 2009.

Nanul’s father, Petros Pashinyan is a Businessman who works in Finance.

Nanul’s mother, Vika Martirosyan, is a Dancer, Dancing Instructor, and Choreographer at Amaras Dance Studios. She has worked with a long list of Armenian Stars and some Eurovision Armenia participants.

She began as a ballet Actress. She was Art Director at Amaras Dance Ensemble, founded by her father, Ashot Martirosyan. Vika’s parents were Solists at Tatul Altunyan State Song and Dance Ensemble.

New Patriotic Song and Video Release by Nanul December 2022

Nanul Wiki, Age, Bio, Zodiac sign

Professional NameNanul
Real NameNarine Pashinyan
Net Worth $23K per year
Date of Birth23 April 2010
Zodiac SignTaurus
Active Since2014
Mother’s NameVika Martirosyan
Father’s NamePetros Pashinyan
SiblingLevon Pashinyan

Nanul Songs

Her moves, singing, and acting made her look so promising. She has 6 songs on her own:

  • Ergchuhi em Dardzel (2014) – 22 Million views. 
  • Mankapartez, Mnas Barov (2016)
  • Nanuli Parn A (2017)
  • Mayrik (2018)
  • Im Tsnundn E Aysor (2019)
  • Play Tur (2022) 

In her first videos, Nanul was a little doll that Lilit Hovhannisyan showed off. But on her own, with her wide smile, voice, and looks, Nanul proved she deserved all the attention.

Her young fans and followers, ratings, and views are excellent proof of the success of her videos and songs. However, in 2014, some criticized her makeup for a 3-year-old child.

Nanul’s Style

Fast forward to 2022. In a new video, “Play Tur,” the pre-teen queen is having fun with her friends and dancing even with her mom. She is seen in many looks:

  • a cute school uniform and black jacket and beret
  • a decent off-shoulder peach top and skirt.
  • green shorts and a T-Shirt with a fluffy Jacket.
  • a Gucci Set.
  • In the scene with her mom, they both wear a cute suit and a bralette.

Like all teenage girls think about, she sings about dreaming of trends, mode, and wearing Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Her hair is styled in a stylish way using extensions, making her look a lot like Ariana Grande.

Nanul’s to Critics

Some narrow-minded voices come back to critique her looks and makeup.

Her mother, Vika Martirosyan, addresses the criticism: “when you see the child with makeup daily, then you can calmly criticize.

In this case, it doesn’t matter that she is 12 years old; Nanul is an artist on stage.”

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