Athena Manoukian Jaw-dropping Eurovision 2020 Armenia Representative “Depi Evratesil” Winner

Athena Manoukian is a beautiful brown-eyed,175cm tall daring artist, whom we first met on Greek TV shows, and who also appeared on the X Factor of the UK. She surprised the Judges with her show and star-like performance. How did she do it? What else did she do?

Athena Manoukian to represent Armenia in Eurovision 2020

On 15 February 2020, during the show “Depi Evratesil”, Athena Manoukian was chosen to represent Armenia at Eurovision 2020 where she will be singing “Chains on You” a song that she wrote in collaboration with DJ Pako. Athena Manoukian was the finalist in the contest and won out of 12 contestants.

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Her Interview on Armenian TV

The first question the reporter asks her is when she plans to learn Armenian, and she replies: immediately. Her first impression was that she loves Armenia and the Armenians, and the atmosphere. She doesn’t have a clue about the festival that she will be participating in.
About Armenian culture, she obviously has no idea although she comes from a community rich with Armenian Culture.

In 2015 She decided to study Armenian

It is 2020 and She still Doesn’t speak Armenian

Artists who competed to represent Armenia at Eurovision 2020

53 artists submitted their songs to The Public Television Company of Armenia (AMPTV), the number was reduced to 12 by a jury panel, and the winner was chosen by votes from a jury and public televoting. The Participants were:

depi evratesil 2020
  1. Agop – “Butterflies”
  2. Karina EVN – “Why?”
  3. Hayk Music – “What Is To Be In Love
  4. Erna Tamazyan – “Life Faces”
  5. Eva Rida – “No Love”
  6. Athena Manoukian – “Chains On You”
  7. Gabriel Jeeg – “It’s Your Turn”
  8. Sergey & Nickolay Arutyunov – “Ha, Take a Step”
  9. Miriam Baghdassarian – “Run Away”
  10. Vladimir Arzumanyan – “What’s Going On Mama”Arthur Aleq – “Heaven”Tokionine – “Save Me”
  11. Do you know that Cyprus was represented by Hovig in Eurovision 2017

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