Project LA: Armenian Poems into Songs

For 5 years now, Project LA, which is the project of composer Levon (L) Arevshatyan (A) presents songs based on classical poetry. It has had its influence on the art of music in Armenia. Most of the songs of Project LA are performed by Gor Sujyan. The other soloists are Narine Dovlatyan, Jivan Khachatryan, and Susan Melkonyan.

Who are They?

Having transformed poems by Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickenson, William Henley, and Lord Byron into songs, the author of the project Levon Arevshatyan decided to turn to the poems of the Armenian classics – Vahan Teryan, Yeghishe Charents, Hamo Sahyan, and Paruyr Sevak. The songs have become quite popular among both the youth and the elderly.
The goal of Project LA is the poems that were forgotten for many years, to be now presented in a new way and with fresh breath, ․ Music helps to keep the word in your heart, never to go out. The greatest goal is to create lasting values.

Gor and Project LA

Gor Sujyan is a singer, songwriter composing in the rock genre. He was born in the family of famous guitarist and jazzman Mkrtich Sujyan. At the age of 17, Gor founded the group ”Gor and Friends”, which performed covers of famous rock songs. In 2008, Gor became the lead singer of the rock band ”Dorians”, who in 2013, participated in the famous Eurovision Song Contest.
In 2017, Gor Sujyan started working on Project LA, founded by Levon Arevshatyan. Here, Gor performs works by great Armenian writers in the form of songs.
The project is rarely represented by club concerts although they are quite expected. Gor noticed that these concerts are different from those in a concert hall. “You see a lot of people in the concert halls, the atmosphere during the club concert is more intimate, you see the eyes of the audience, but I like them both very much.” These are different pleasures, ” says the singer.
The LA project gave a new impetus to Gor Sujyan’s musical activities. During this period, the singer paid more attention to the songs of Project LA. “The project gives an opportunity to try me in a new style. I haven’t sung so many Armenian songs in my entire life.
I am also discovering new poems for myself,” says the singer who loves “Khaghagh Gisherov”, “Karot”, “Aha Norits Gisher” songs in Armenian and ”Does God Listen”, ”Saturday Morning” in English. Nevertheless, Armenian songs are closer to his heart than English ones. He adds that the project is unique as it usually presents its own songs.
“This is the only project in which I do not do my own work, but songs are so close to me that I do them as my personal work.” Gor frankly adds that thanks to the project, he studies the masterpieces of Armenian poets.
Gor himself writes songs too. He says that while writing a song, he is motivated by life in all its meanings and stages. He writes both in English and Armenian.

Hayk Gasparyan About Quality Music

Instrumentalist Hayk Gasparyan says that they have one studio for violins and another for vocals, but they take their equipment to each studio. When Gor is recorded, before it appears on the studio computer, it first goes through their devices, which are legendary in the world.
From the legendary equipment, Hayk mentions the “U47” microphone, which was created in 1947. It has been used in the recordings of world-famous artists such as The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, and others.

Why Listen to Project LA?

Project LA is one of the most exclusive musical ”teams” in Armenia which is accepted and loved by everyone. No genre, no music perception can have an influence on this group. People listen to this music because of its instrumentation which has all the international standards and words of exceptional poems. I can’t deny that the voice of Gor makes songs perfect and lovable.
Project LA gives concerts mainly in Armenia. Though they haven’t had many international concert tours yet, they are already accepted and honored due to their spectacular work. In YouTube, the song ”Who Shall I Meet” (lyrics by Eghishe Charents) has more than 3 million views.
Other famous songs are ”Searching For”(a poem by Hamo Sahyan), ”Two Ghosts” (a poem by Vahan Teryan), etc. Their songs are like drugs: when you listen to one, you want to click to another song and then another. Don’t hesitate to turn their music on right after reading this article. You can find out more about Project LA following them on Facebook and YouTube.

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