Project LA: Armenian Poems into Songs by Levon Arevshatyan

“DREAMING” («Մի տուն թող մնա արթուն») by PROJECT LA 2022

Project LA: Armenian Poems into Songs

For 5 years now, Project LA, which is the project of composer Levon (L) Arevshatyan (A) presents songs based on classical poetry. It has had its influence on the art of music in Armenia. Most of the songs of Project LA are performed by Gor Sujyan. The other soloists are Narine Dovlatyan, Jivan Khachatryan, and Susan Melkonyan.

How Project La Members were inspired & Started?

Having transformed poems by Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickenson, William Henley, and Lord Byron into songs, the author of the project, Levon Arevshatyan decided to turn to the poems of the Armenian classics.

Vahan Teryan, Yeghishe Charents, Hamo Sahyan, and Paruyr Sevak. The songs have become quite popular among both the youth and the elderly.

The goal of Project LA is for the Armenian poems that were forgotten for many years to be presented in a new way and with fresh modern vibes․ Music helps to keep the word in your heart, never to go out. The greatest goal is to create lasting values.

Garo Kotchounian

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One thought on “Project LA: Armenian Poems into Songs by Levon Arevshatyan

  1. Love the band….what attracted me the most was the quality of lthe lyrics…. obviously the famous poems have been used, which has made me to go back and pull out my old dusted books that I had totally forgotten about them .Being busy with this ‘American’ life style I had totally forgotten our precious poetry….
    The music is worldclass and the performance is brilliant ❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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