Mkhitaryan scores a Zlatan-esque goal

Credit Uncova 26-12-2016

To no one’s surprise, Zlatan Ibrahimovic put in a virtuoso display for Manchester United on Boxing Day.

Zlatan set up the opener for Daley Blind, scored the second himself and then set up the goal of the game, scored by Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

The Armenian playmaker swivelled his body to score a scorpion kick that sent Old Trafford into raptures.

“Micki is heel King, I’m heel God”

After the game, as is standard, Zlatan Ibrahimovic spoke to his app, “Zlatan Unplugged”.

Many Manchester United supporters and fans of Zlatan will have been keen to see what he thought of the Mlhitaryan Scorpion Kick, since it is very much a goal out of the Super Swede’s playbook.

Zlatan Unplugged asked Zlatan if he is the undisputed heel king at Manchester United?

To which he replied: “Micki is heel King, I’m heel God.”

Funny stuff. See the full Q&A below.

Zlatan Unplugged “Micki is heel King, I’m heel God.”

The Boxing Day match ended in another win for you and your Manchester United. What do you think of the match against Sunderland?

Zlatan: We could have done better, but we won 3-1.

Your 2-0 goal today means that you have scored an impressive 50 goals in 2016, equal to 2012, the best scoring result in your career. What do you think of your football year 2016?

Zlatan: Couldn’t be better.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan killed the match with a goal in true Zlatan style, a scorpion heel-kick. In PSG you were undisputed, but in Manchester United, who is really the heel King?

Zlatan: Micki is heel King, I’m heel God.

Besides your goal, you made your first two assists this season. How has your role in United changed during the year?

Zlatan: It’s been the same since day 1.