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Canonization or canonisation is the act by which the Orthodox, Roman Catholic, or Anglican Church declares that a person who has died was a saint, upon which declaration the person is included in the canon, or list, of recognized saints.

This year the Armenian Orthodox Church will canonize the Martyrs of The Armenian Genocide in a unique ceremony at Etchmiadzin in Yerevan, Armenia with the participation of the HH Catholicos Karekin II and HH Catholicos Aram I, and in the presence of many high-level officials from all over the world. The canonization marks a major event in the history of the Armenian nation, as no elevation to sainthood has taken place in the Armenian Apostolic Church since the fourteenth century.

At the end of the canonization ceremony, all church bells in Armenia will ring 100 times in memory of the victims. At the same time, many churches all over the world will also ring church bells to participate in this symbolic ceremony. The Ceremony will start at the following local times Yerevan: 5:00 PM, Lebanon, and Cyprus: 4:00 PM, Paris: 3:00 PM, New York: 9:00 AM, Los Angeles: 6:00 AM.

This is happening while many countries are officially recognizing the Armenian Genocide, causing panic in Turkish authorities. Many countries are willing to participate in the Commemorations taking place in Armenia, while others are to be present at the sabotaging Turkish WWI commemorations. Armenians are expecting Recognition Tsunamis worldwide, starting from France, Cyprus, Netherlands, Austria and so on….while the US President Obama is disappointing them by failing to name the killings as Genocide, while Israel is can’t come to a decision, but others pass a Genocide Denial Criminalization law. One Man, Congressman Adam Schiff among some respected US officials Stands with courage and dares to speak the truth.

Congressman Adam Schiff has expressed his disappointment at the President who always fails “to properly describe the extermination of 1.5 million Armenians from 1915 to 1923 for what it was – genocide”. Schiff wonders for how long must the victim’s and their families wait before the American nation has the courage to confront Turkey with the truth about the murderous past of the Ottoman Empire? “If not this President, who spoke so eloquently and passionately about recognition in the past, whom? If not after one hundred years, when?”

“The United States has long prided itself for being a beacon of human rights, for speaking out against atrocity, for confronting painful chapters of its own past and that of others. This cannot be squared with a policy of complicity in genocide denial by the President or Congress. Last week, the Pope spoke powerfully of the need to bind the wound that continues to bleed in the absence of recognition – I only wish Washington had been listening.”

Earlier today Congressman Adam Schiff wrote the following on his Social Media Page: “Walking to House Floor where I will spend the next hour reading the names of 1500 victims of the Armenian Genocide – just a fraction of the 1.5 million who were lost – one hundred years ago… Reading these names will underscore that each represents a precious life, these were fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, not a mere statistic. The Administration and Congress may lack the courage to speak the name of the evil that claimed their lives, but it was Genocide and we will ‪#‎NeverForget1915‬.”

Watch Congressman Adam Schiff Delivering his speech

Live Streaming of the Genocide Martyrs Cannonization from Etchmiadzin
Live Streaming of the Genocide Martyrs Cannonization from Etchmiadzin