Vahe Berberian LIVE On YOUTUBE

Sunday 12:00 pm PST, 11:00 pm Yerevan Time. Set Reminder on Youtube & Watch Live.

For the past 3 months, as we all took a pause from our usual activities, and adjusted our lives with online versions because of COVID19 pandemic, Vahe Berberian started a Live weekly show on Youtube from the comfort of his own backyard sunroom in Los Angeles!! The playwright, novelist, painter, art critic, actor, satirist, monologue, comedian, voice-over artist, and journalist!!! already recorded 15 Live shows so far, every Sunday at 12 pm pst (Los Angeles Time).
“When our little production team, Levon Shant, Christina and I, got together to do the first Live, we had no clue about what we were doing. We were just having fun,” says Berberian, “But the response was so overwhelming, that we thought ‘hmmm, maybe we’re on to something here…” And so we decided to put some work into it, and turn it into a regular weekly show. It’s a lot of work, but we love doing it and we look forward to every week.”

What is Vahe Berberian LIVE like

Vahe and his team, Levon Shant Demirjian, and Christina Shirinyan run a show that educates and entertains simultaneously, as they discuss many important topics with various Armenian personalities from all over the world.
Vahe Berberian interviews guests from different backgrounds, countries, and fields like Shahan Kandaharian, Ara Dinkjian, Serge Avedikian, Antic, Simon Abkarian, Eric Nazarian,  Noubar Afeyan, Seda Grigoryan, Robin Koulaksezian, Shaghig Hovsepian, etc… appreciating, highlighting their work and the causes they believe in, raising awareness.

What is even more precious, is that his audience is able to comment live and interact with them no matter where they are.
The audience feels like drinking that cup of coffee with Vahe Berberian and his guest while being in the same room with the production team. That is because Vahe reads fan letters, and comments, shares their work, giving them a sense of special treatment.

The show is the natural flow of Vahe’s monologue since his stories are about real people, just now even richer in content. The audience gets to know new people, who usually work in silence or in a formal manner. Vahe sets the mood for the guests, to connect to the audience with the same cheerful spirit that he uses to make even the naughtiest joke passable.
Just like a book that you like, and read carefully so that you don’t miss any word, enjoying it thought, after thought, you will want to watch every second of his interviews in order not to miss any information, shout out, any recommendation of a new book, any suggestion of new artwork.

Vahe Berberian, Bio, Age, Height, Education

Usually, in this part, we write the bio of the Artist, not that he needs to be introduced. His spirit age is that of a teenager (Born July 11, 1955), his talent is that of a master, he is born in the family of a lovely lady, who just got scratched by his cat a few weeks ago, and I’m sure has had all the patience in the world bringing him up, and where he gets his spirit from.
He is a Levon and Sophia Hagopian College Graduate, wonder if he has crossed paths with teachers of that period: painter Paul Guiragossian, or young Fr. Zareh Aznavorian, musician-composer, and spiritual influencer of many generations. He has studied Arts in Lebanon where he has also been involved in the theater.
In 1976 Vahe moves to Canada, then to the United States, where he continues his studies in arts and Journalism. He is married to Betty, who also works in the movie business in Hollywood.
His height, (well 6′2, 188 cm) that goes very well with his long hair, and beard, easily gives him the looks of that wise Armenian King, who gave Armenian women freedom, provided his nation with educational centers, and artistic workshops.

Vahe Berberian Works and Style

Vahe’s work has always had the surprise factor, the funny and wild, calm and cheerful, daring, and proud of it! That tall guy with long hair, in jeans and sneakers, who will be hugging the audience and enjoying all the love after standing a couple of hours on the stage.
He has been involved in many theatrical works, exhibitions, movies(more than 30), as actor, producer, director, playwright (The Pink Elephant, 3 Weeks in Yerevan, Russo & Anna), novelist (In The Name Of The Father And The Son, Namagner Zaataren.)
You may be familiar with his monologues (Yevailen, Nayev, Dagavin, Ssgayn, Yete, and Ooremen), but you should see him in Peshawar Ensemble, Japanese Armenian Proposal, Arshag Takavore( Out Of The Cage) that you may find on his Youtube channel that we recommend that you subscribe to: Vahe Berberian Youtube Channel.
To all the haters out there, how could you!! Well as any form of art Vahe’s work has also been criticized by many. Vahe puts on a comedy show that is based on real people. Still, some continue to criticize his appearance, his language, his jokes, and comments on religion.
Vahe’s show is not just meaningless jokes but satire, a call to look within ourselves and criticize ourselves, maybe discover that our behavior sometimes is not that Armenian, or Christian-like. As if Vahe tries to convert the message that God is Love after all. The Creator is loving, forgiving, and accepting all, whereas we, humans, tend and hurt each other. The Live Show gives the chance to the audience to discover the humanitarian in Vahe Berberian.