Three Christs an International Film by Eric Nazarian ft. Richard Gere

For us Armenians, it is true that we get excited when we read an Armenian name in the closing credits at the end of a movie. The movie suddenly becomes a good one and we hurry to check the actor and what other movies they have been a part of, and we share the news with our family and friends near and far.

In the case of Three Christs, it seems an important movie for us because Richard Gere is in a movie written by an Armenian writer. Before watching we certainly do not know what to expect from it. We simply get excited and nominate it to the Oscars and all the best awards even before we watch it.

When it’s over, we start thinking, if the story was Armenian, any names? Armenian Flag? well, the only thing tying us to the story is the fact that the hero thinks he is Jesus, and he is the Lord of our faith. The movie ends and we realize it’s just a movie that has nothing to do with our ethnicity, we rank it 10/10.

Araz Tavitian

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