florencia-hairabedianFlorencia Hairabedian, is a descendant of a survivor of the Armenian Genocide. She is born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on December 25 1984. Florencia is an Amateur Chef, who participated in the gastronomic reality show MasterChef Argentina 2015, although she didn’t win, she was among the 24 best amateur chefs of Argentina.

Her grandfather was born in Affyon Karaissar and her grandmother’s family were from Hadjin. Her parents Martin and Nene were born in Buenos Aires. She has lost her father in 2011, to cancer. She has a younger brother Juan Martin.

Florencia Says : I haven’t attended Armenian school, but i am a member of the local Armenian club and The Catolic Armenian Church.

MasterChef Argentina is Judged by Donato de Santis, Germán and Krywonis on Telefe Network, started 6 April 2014 – 27 July 2014, where this passionate Armenian chef, who was biting her nails while waiting for the results, passed through the preliminary stage with a sizzling dish of Mante, impressing the Judges who have worldwide experience.

“My hobbies are: photography, painting and dance! I dance in the Narek group! that’s a group for Armenian dances
In Facebook: Conjunto from Danzas Narek.

florenciaHer favorite dishes are Mante and Lehmejun, and the dessert gurabie.

She hasn’t been to Armenia yet, because all her family members were born in Buenos Aires, but she dreams of it, hopefully soon.