The Armenian Celebrity Chef Zarmig Halladjian

Chef Zarmig Halladjian specializes in fusion cuisines, mixing different types of food from different cultures. She is famous in the Arab world and all over the world.

She was born in Lebanon to an Armenian family. She attended Yeghishe Manoukian School and graduated from Levon and Sophia Hagopian College. She has studied at Kafaat Culinary School and has a Master’s Degree from the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom.

She debuted her skills at DZAR Restaurant in Beirut, Lebanon next to the Armenian Catholicosate of The Holy See of Cilicia. Later, she opened Laylaty Restaurant which is known for its authentic Lebanese cuisine.

Her mother has had the biggest influence on her cooking and style. Moreover, Armenia, Armenian Culture, and her travels to Armenian villages have had an effect on her cooking.

She started her career as an Executive Chef at the US American Embassy in Lebanon. She always believed in preparing fresh and nutritious meals to help people live healthy lifestyles. Later, she became a Diabetic Consultant for a healthy lifestyle in collaboration with Hamad Medical Corporation in Doha.

She has worked as a consultant in the food and hospitality industries, such as at Lychee Culinary Art in Beirut. She has also taught classes at Dekwané Ecole Hotelier and is an Instructor at YWCA Association. She impresses people with her carved sculptures of chocolate, ice, fruits, and vegetables that she creates at the Intercontinental Hotel in Lebanon.

Carving by chef Zarmig
Carving by chef Zarmig

She has a cooking school called the Academy of Gastronomy. She has also written some cookbooks called Culinary Art Secrets, The Art of Carving, and Mamig.

Chef Zarmig has been on many TV cooking shows that are still being shown on Arab channels like LBC, MBC, New TV, Qatar TV, and Iqra TV.

You can also follow her on her YouTube channel for more easy and healthy recipes. Or you can download her mobile app to get tips and recipes. She was the marketing face of the “Saidaty” online television show.

She was been awarded Qatar Chef of the year in 2014, 2016, and 2017, Queen of Armenian Cuisine 2015, Qatar Woman of the Year 2016, and Best Armenian Entrepreneur Worldwide.

Sweet and Sour Fishne Kebab
Sweet and Sour Fishne Kebab

Chef Zarmig started an Academy at Mesrobian High School and Sophia Hagopian College for the Armenian community. She is a very good Armenian chef and she wants to teach other people how to cook Armenian food. She also wants to share the Armenian culture with people all around the world.

Currently, she is the Executive Chef and Director of Operations at “Mamig.” This is the first Armenian Lebanese restaurant in Qatar. It is a high-end restaurant and event venue based in the Katara cultural village of Doha. You can contact her in person there. She also works at Aziza Lebanese Seafood Restaurant and Hotel Marriot Marquis.

You may follow her new online classes here and subscribe to her channel.
You may follow her news and get more acquainted with her work visit her own Chef Zarmig Website.

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