Today we represent to you a french performance artist, director, dancer, choreographer, and modern mime,
and somebody we are proud to say is of Armenian origin.

Vahram Zaryan who has started his studies at Studio Drama Theatre of Abelyan in Vanadzor, then at the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art of Armenia. He specializes in mime and began practicing in pantomime State Theatre of Yerevan, led by Zhirayr Dadasyan.

After completing his studies he moved on to the Paris Opera, where he studied classical dance with Yves Casati, and Decroux technique with Yvan Bacciocchi at the studio of Belleville. Zaryan perfected his artform at the prestigious École Internationale de Mimodrame de Marcel Marceau; he was, in fact, one of the last students to receive a degree from this school. Zaryan has also interned and taken graduate courses with Ariane Mnouchkine, Carolyn Carlson and Maurice Béjart.

…”I discovered performing arts theater studio Abalian, Vanadzor in Armenia. I have addressed various theatrical arts. That’s when I realized I was passionate about theater. Through school, I was very often integrated with production. I did part of my apprenticeship as an extra. As I wanted to deepen my knowledge and go further in the practice of the game, I went to Yerevan, the capital, to study at the National Institute of theater and cinema. Alongside my studies, I joined the State Theatre pantomime troupe of Yerevan. Artistic director Zhiarayr Dadasyan, gave me my first role in a mime inspired show “flowers of evil” of Baudelaire. This was “The flight” and I was playing a blue butterfly. That was in 1999. I really wanted to be an actor and playing in that show, I realized that the physical theater was art in which I expressed myself as naturally. It is ultimately through the poetry of Baudelaire and this show, I became sensitive to mime, and I developed my practice to contemporary mime.”

About The Performance “Confession” he had created last year, at the international festival of mime Tsarkhdzor, Armenia, that was performed in Prague and at the Cité Internationale in Paris, the Adenauer space before other performances in France:

“This show talks about different forms of exile. I met Florent Bracon, who is poet and playwright. Together we began to cross our visions of exile. He wrote a poetic story on paper, I wrote in the space. Sometimes my improvisations changed his writing, other times, one of his poems came to be printed in my gestures. “Confession” is the story of a man who always need to leave, and who feels a constant need for change, a man who travels a path, and each time he arrives in a place, has need to change it, to put it in reverse and then leave. It is a solitary path. In the midst of objects, among the others, he dances his loneliness. We appealed to Karen Hakobian, a high-cons opera singer and composer, who created original music, as well as Vincent Clément who composed the sound of the show. Both participated in creating sound special atmosphere of “Confession”.

He created a company of mime called “Le théâtre suspendu” with other Marcel Marceau graduates. This company performed signature pieces such as Sépia Quartet, and Le linge entre autres, both in France and abroad. At the time of the creation of the company, Zaryan interpreted—among other roles—that of the white mime at a gala at the Palais Garnier in honor of director Sergei Parajanov in a theatrical rendition of this master of Soviet cinema’s great film The Color of Pomogranates. Zaryan also interpreted to much critical success the role of Vespone in the Pergolesi opera La serva padrona at the Theater of the Tambour Royal in Paris. Vahram Zaryan performed many roles in various companies around the world (Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Iran, Egypt, Russia, Armenia…). Also acting for film and television.

Here Are some Videos from his Genocide Memorial performance.