Pyramid in Armenia: The Mystery of the Building Found in Dvin

Pyramid in Armenia Dvin

Pyramid-Shaped Buildings Found In Armenia

Can you imagine the impact of having a pyramid in Armenia, and how it can help the tourism sector?
Every time we hear about the mysterious pyramids, we think about ancient Egypt. The structure of these outstanding buildings amazes us and makes us think about the famous civilizations of the Egyptians and Mayan tribes. The mystery of these unique buildings continues to make every generation think about ancient people, their lifestyles, and traditions.
What if someone tells you that you can find a pyramid somewhere else?

The Ancient City Of Dvin

Now we are going to find out more about the pyramid in Armenia. Yes, you read right, there could be other pyramids in Armenia too! In fact, throughout the history of Armenia, the Ararat Valley has been one of the central and important territories.
Dvin was built in 335 AD by the Armenian king Khosrov III of Kotak. It was a large commercial city and was the capital of early medieval Armenia. The site of the ancient city is currently not much more than a large hill located between modern Hnaberd (just off the main road through Hnaberd) and Verin Dvin, Armenia.
The systematic excavations in Dvin, which have commenced since 1937, have produced an abundance of materials, which have shed light on the Armenian culture of the 5th to the 13th centuries. It is enough to go to the villages around Dvin and Artashat, and it will become clear what a great history is hidden under the layer of the land in this area. Excavations have been carried out in the Ararat Valley since the beginning of the 20th century, and these excavations have made great progress since the formation of the Third Republic of Armenia.

Pyramid in Armenia Hidden Under A Hill

But much remains to be done. As a result of excavations near the village of Getazat, next to one of the historical capitals of Armenia – Dvin, in 2015 researchers discovered a pyramid-shaped building or as others say – a hill, completely covered with soil. Archeologists concluded that the building is 2-3 thousand years old, and it is significantly different from the Egyptian pyramids. It is more like a Mayan pyramid.
In fact, the building is pyramidal and its staircase is very easy to see. It is 25 meters high. The top of the building, which is covered with earth, is excavated, and there are ornamental stones near the pit, which scientists had probably found during excavations.
Archaeologists have unearthed a stone near the hill with a figure of the pyramid in the center and laurel leaves on either side. On that stone, the pyramid has 10 stairs.
Interestingly, most people in the area don’t know that there was such a building or special stones next to their residence. Some of the villagers say that they have heard from their elders that this is a mausoleum. Some say that they have heard a tradition of capturing people and closing them in this pyramid. The stories are many and varied, and it is relative to believe and accept them.
Unfortunately, the excavations have been stopped, yet this revelation could be a turning point for Armenia, developing Armenia’s tourism for several times. It would be a sensation not only for Armenia, where until today there have been found no pyramids but also for the world!

How To Get To The Pyramid Of Dvin?

To visit this mysterious building you should head to the small village of Getazat in the Ararat Province, Armenia. This village is situated in the Ararat Valley, 33 km from Yerevan. There, you can also find guest houses or rent a separate house especially if you are tired of urban life. Climate is mild here, so you can choose to visit the ancient site of Dvin in any weather.

Mystery yet to be solved

According to some sources, during world war I the population of Dvin was hiding inside the pyramid in order to be protected from the Turkish troops, who found out their place and covered the entrance with a huge rock, so they would suffer and die. Did the Ottomans know about this pyramid in Armenia?
Others have claimed to have felt supernatural energetic feelings at the entrance, and others claim to have found artifacts from the site including engraved prices of rock depicting details about the pyramid that some claim should look like the Mayan pyramids. We will have to wait until the next step is taken and more details revealed.

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