Vahan Kerovpyan : rap, couteaux !(Knives), Vocal, percussions
Ela Nuroglu : percussions (Davul)
Raffi Derderyan : percussions (Dhol), (darbuka)
Ezgi Can : clarinette
Shushan Kerovpyan : contrebasse, Vocal
Sevana Tchakerian : accordéon, rap, Vocal
Marius Pibarot : violin, rap
Serra Torun: Vocal

This is the info that you will find on the Collectif Medz Bazaar Facebook Page

The collective Medz Bazaar was formed in May 2012 in Paris and consists of eight musicians from different backgrounds (French, Armenian, Turkish, Kurdish, US), who play traditional music from the Middle East by exploring their modality, but also fun to revisit with explosive creativity!

On stage, it is a true “bazaar”, which combines oriental percussion of all sorts; Armenian songs, Turkish, Kurdish, Persian, Arab and even American and French; accompanied by an accordion, a clarinet and a violin.

While retaining a traditional repertoire, the group now plays their own compositions, born from the collaboration of all its members. In fact, these compositions are as rich and varied as the origins of the members of Medz Bazaar!

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