A film Prepared by the TravelBlog team

Armenia! There are so many things worth telling after the trip here! And it’s even better to show magic book! Yes, the TravelBlog team is very pleased to present to all of you our new film, which we, Aleksandr Alimov, Stanislav Gorbunov, and Ivars Utinans, have shot after a week-long tour of Armenia aangifteprogramma 2012en.

We hope that it will amaze you and make you think about visiting this country. It is even surprising how little we know about it so far. Mass tourism has not reached these edges yet, so traveling here was especially interesting kostenlose kinderspiele herunterladen.

Beautiful mountain landscapes, deep gorges, amazing monasteries, and stories, which are not just a millennium old, but much more free German music to. And most importantly, of course, the people! All the Armenians we met were unique, insanely photogenic, and surprisingly hospitable. We managed to see a lot telekom invoice download does not work! Monasteries Haghpat, Khor Virap, Noravank, Tatev – it seems here the time has stopped! Amberd Fortress, megaliths of Karahunja, Areni cave complex – these sights are mind-blowing outlook 2007 for free german.

But even this is not enough! Together with the guys from Yell Extreme Park, we managed to capture the unique frames of the bottomless canyon from a bird’s eye view insta bilder herunterladen. In general, the beauty of Armenia from above looks especially impressive, and there are many such shots in our film. And we were lucky to see the Armenian capital on a special day for this country kann man von instagram videos herunterladen. In Yerevan, they were celebrating in all festivity the Independence Day of Armenia. This event gave our shoots a particular charm!

And, of course, we are pleased with our cooperation with the Radisson Blu Hotel chain download driver's license questionnaire. Their hotel in Yerevan is distinguished by a special level of comfort and convenience.

It is very important to note that the music for the film was written by an excellent Armenian composer and musician Bagrat Terteryan kniffel for free. And I must say he managed to convey the rhythm and harmony of his homeland under our video. Bagrat, thank you very much, our friend! We also want to express our gratitude to all those who helped us in the filming and especially Tigran Mkrtchyan, the Ambassador of Armenia to Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

So, the journey is filmed, mounted, and ready to be shown. Click boldly on PLAY and do not forget to like, write a comment and subscribe to our YouTube channel. This will be the best reward for our labors. Welcome to Armenia!

Watch Armenia through the eyes of a traveler.