In a video published by the Nor Seround AYF France showing Armenian activists of ARF Nor Seround in Paris, being attacked by the members of law enforcement and security, during a peaceful demonstration denouncing the unacceptable violations of human rights of the Azerbaijani state, where “Azerbaijan village” security made use of their completely disproportionate force against the demonstrators.

Nor Seround AYF France has made a statement, “It is a SCANDAL that French citizens can not use their own freedom of speech on French soil, nor denounce the policy of the CRIMINAL ASSASSIN State.

Nor Seround AYF France part of AYF International

The youth and student organization of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (FRA) better known as the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) works in more than 17 countries including Armenia, Artsakh, Lebanon, the United States , Canada, Argentina, France, Greece, Russia, Cyprus.
Each AYF works in a decentralized manner. The regional, international and pan-Armenian work of FRA youth and student organizations is coordinated by the youth office (section) of the FRA World Bureau, which was established in 2001 in Yerevan, Armenia. The AYF has more than 10,000 members.
The creation of the AYF did not happen at once since, during the first part of the creation of the FRA, the young people joined it and were involved in the work of the Federation. However, it was for the first time in 1929, during the 11th General Assembly, that there was talk of officially creating youth and adolescent associations (the Badanis).