Who is Nataly Restokian?


First encounter to a long-lasting Cooperation

Name: Nataly Restokian
Mission: demanding Justice.

A video of a woman with a redblueorange-colored flag on her shoulders went viral in November 2020. She stood up on a podium in Canada, during one of the countless protests that were taking place all around the world.

What a lady! She was expressing our thoughts and emotions and reaching out to what is left of humanity, in those who still have some say, in a part of the world where people still believe in good. We had the pleasure of getting in touch with her, and that by chance, only after 2 months. She actually found us.

Why demand justice?

As thousands of our young soldiers and volunteers were defending our honor, freedom, and lands in Artsakh, during the war of October 2020, Nataly Restokian, joined fellow Armenians, who came together to do their best, no matter where they were located all over the world.

Roads, international highways, and borders were being blocked, and sales of equipment aimed to be used against Armenians were halted. Some were demanding to facilitate the transport of humanitarian aid others were blocking the passage of ammunition.

The Armenian Tricolor was everywhere, while world leaders and media outlets were silent or biased; however, a huge online media Army arose and made sure to let every nation know what had been occurring in Armenia.

Nataly Restokian the Armenian Child Actress

Nataly Restokian is the daughter of the Lebanese-Armenian Actor Levon Restokian (Hreshdakian) and teacher Marina Ohannessian. At 12 she started presenting a show for children on Radio Voice of Van. Later, participated in the “Katch Nazar” play organized by her show members.

She grew up in one of the finest Lebanese Armenian theatrical environments. She used to accompany her father to Varoujan Khedeshian’s “Theatre ’67” rehearsals, and later Hamzkayine’s Gaspar Ipegian” Dramatic Troupe.

Nattaly Restokian laying theatre
on Stage playing ancient Gods
“Venetian Binaries”

At an early age, she was on stage in Varoujan Khedeshian’s “Ancient Gods”, and “Chekhov’s Puns” and as one of the twins of “Venetian Binaries.”

Named after the Armenian hero Shahan Natalie, one of the organizers of Operation Nemesis, who had studied English literature, philosophy, and theater from 1910 to 1912, at  Boston University.

Nataly Restokian has studied English Literature. Unfortunately, she was never lucky enough to be active in the Lebanese Armenian Cultural life, as she says it.

Journalism in the Middle East: Stepping into the Arab world of Fame

After college Nataly began teaching English, mathematics, and science at the Saint Joseph Antonines school in Zahle, Lebanon; meanwhile, photo modeling for Nidal Bcherrawi Modeling Agency, where she was discovered by a Lebanese actor Mahmoud Mabsout, also known by the character Fehmen.

After joining the cast of artist Salah Tizani, the doors start opening in front of her. She appears in drama series and in a political Satirical show on LBC TV station, and later in some Syrian Series.

She is determined to be on TV, to be a step ahead, try, fall and come back, to achieve more, and prove herself among Arabs. Eventually, she gets to have her own show on “Jaras TV” under the apprenticeship of famous Lebanese Journalist Nidal Al-Ahmadieh.

Nataly Restokian gets the chance to travel the world as a journalist. She builds her career and fame in the Arab world of celebrities. She ends up as the marketing manager of 3 magazines, like “Miraat al-Khaleej”, including the editor-in-chief of Almoghtareb Magazine.

Personal Life

It seems as if Nataly always follows in her parent’s footsteps when choosing her hobbies, education, and carrier. She even tries to start her own loving family, because she is impressed by the love her parents have for one another. Unfortunately, the marriage she rushes into with a Lebanese-Armenian man fails due to her young age.

She gets another chance in love when she meets Lebanese Canadian Nidal El-Ghorayeb. She marries Nidal and moves to Canada, leaving her circle and starting a simpler life for love and a new adventure.

In Canada, she continues her education, gets a health and nursing degree, and becomes a Life & Wellness Coach ACSTH/CCA, Motivational speaker, and Toastmaster. In 2018 she publishes her first book “Masks“,


cover of book masks by Nataly Restokian

This novel by Nataly Restokian is” a dark fictional tale, based on true-life events.” The Protagonist “Anna” tells the story of her life, starting from the end of a phase and going back and forth with scenes and stories.

She expresses herself as a woman from the middle east, to inspire women and girls to have no fear but to be daring to take off their masks and be their own selves when facing society.

The narrator doesn’t particularly express her emotions from an Armenian perspective, although she introduces herself as Armenian, and speaks about the Armenian Genocide, Armenian traditions, etc.

The book was chosen from among 26000 books from all over the world as the 1st author from the Arab world, to write such a sensitive subject.

Live On Aypoupen

Her story as she tells it

“As she moved to Canada, she decided to continue her studies. Her ambitions from a young age had always been a strong characteristic point in her life.

While maintaining a happy loving family life with her beloved husband, she started writing a story inspired by true-life events as the social-sexual and religious taboos had always been a chaotic aspect that hurt women in Lebanon & the Arab world.

Here once again fate interferes as her novel becomes two times award-winning novel worldwide & as the first female public figure who had given up a lavishing lifestyle and chose love over her already achieving goals in Lebanon.

She is to be called the first woman who stepped up for women’s rights and she became the voice of Lebanese & Arab women for all those who had been silenced either by fear or by other social factors.

As this new journey started, she found herself in a new world where women are empowered. In Canada, she is applauded and supported by the community.

Both local and Lebanese communities hold a book launch to leave her mark as the first bridge of connection to open a door and speak up through her novel “Masks “ & introduce the life of middle eastern women to the west.

Her journey continues now as Amazon adapts her novel into an audible & she is already in the process of writing her second novel & support every woman, and every girl through her interviews in many countries such as Canada, Australia & the USA.

Nataly relentlessly stands with the truth with no fear expressing her thoughts on different platforms of social media as also on Aypoupen with experience of over 18 years of her journalism career.

Today as a member of Quebec Canadian writers’ official syndicates, she uses every opportunity to support and raise human consciousness & advocate as a humanitarian activist for the Armenian cause to introduce her people & their own struggles to the world.”

Cooperation on a Live show on Aypoupen

We had the pleasure of interviewing Natalie Live on Aypoupen, to show our appreciation regarding her inspiring path, work, achievements, and projects. In addition, to introduce her to our audience. This was on the 3rd of January 2021, and it was the start of a new friendship between us.

The best thing we did next was invite her to join our family and she generously did. The talk show, hosted by the award-winning author of the novel “Masks” was simply named “Armenian Coffee With Nataly”.

The show tried to gather fellow Armenians from everywhere to join and interact with guests that are jewels in our perspective with their accomplishments and core human values. The Show ended with an amazing interview with Arman Atoyan of the Virtual Reality App, ARLOOPA.

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