Armenian Genocide Memorial Cross Placed Underwater in Lebanon.

The year 2015 was a hopeful yet disappointing year for Armenians around the world. Even if we didn’t admit it, we were secretly hoping Turkey would recognize the Armenian Genocide.

Armenians had lived in The Ottoman Empire even before it existed, and we have been told both negative and positive stories from our great grandfathers and grandmothers. Some rulers were cruel yet some were kind and gave a window of freedom influenced by the west.

Neighbors of different ethnicities lived together side by side, spoke the same language, and survived in the same ancestral lands. They had to abide by the local rules, pay taxes, and serve in the Army, and if there were no radicalism, no one knows how they would thrive together.

The intellectuals were the first ones to be taken out, then the strong men. Some Turk officials and leaders wanted to help but they were threatened and were considered traitors, and infidels.

And the Armenians lost 1.5 Million starting in 1909 with the Ottoman Massacre against Adana Armenians until 1915-1923 The Genocide of Armenians, Pontic Greeks, and Assyrians. The Turks nowadays only confess relocating these people and claim a much lesser count died on the way to their new homes.

Vahe Bayrakdarian Underwater Demonstration


On April 24, 2015, the day of the centennial of the Armenian Genocide, Armenians all over the world were Demonstrating like a Tsunami.

Some marched in hundreds of thousands in their residing countries, others crossed oceans on bikes spreading the message to the world, and artists painted, sang, danced and gave concerts in Armenia and the diaspora.

One man chose a different path to express his demand for recognition and justice. Vahe Bayrakdarian from Beirut, Lebanon, dived and demonstrated deep in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Sunday, April 26th of 2015 was not a regular diving day for him, as when he reached the bottom of the sea near Beirut shores he raised yet again the message banner of the Armenian Genocide “I remember and demand” including the forget me not flower.

Vahe Bayrakdarian is a Lebanese Armenian whose ancestors fought and won, as proud flag-bearers on the front lines of battle, fighting for their lands in (Dortyol), thus gaining the family name Bayrakdarian. The family later moved to (Iskenderun) and eventually to (Zahleh) then settled in Beirut Lebanon.

Wholesale Women’s Clothing Manufacturer by trade, the owner of fashion house “V ClubOpens in a new tab.” has been diving deep into the blue sea since 2008 and has been certified as a Technical Instructor and side-mount instructor for over a year now.

The walking example of fine Armenian Men who cherish their past and work hard to recreate their own Armenia wherever they may be.

Memorial Cross 35 meters deep under the sea

OctopusTeam with the participation of Vahe Bayrakdarian delivers the Cross to its final destination.

The  Mediterranean sea harbors a memorial cross in memory of the Armenian Genocide.

Under the patronage of the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Lebanon, the Armenian Genocide Centenary Central Committee of Lebanon, and His Holiness Nercess Bedros 19th Patriarch of the Armenian Catholic Church in Beirut LebanonOpens in a new tab..

The Octopus Team diving club owned by Antranig or Toni Haddad a descent of the Armenian Genocide survivor organized the placement of An Armenian Genocide Memorial Cross beneath the sea.

Dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide on Sunday the 10th of May, at 10 am, near Green beach resort, in the gulf of Jounieh, north of Beirut.

The carefully crafted AG Memorial Cross has been placed 35 meters deep in the Mediterranean Sea, dedicated to the Memory of those Armenians who perished drowning in rivers and seas during the Armenian Genocide, escaping rape, abduction, and torturous death by Turkish officers in 1915.

Also, present and invited were, members of other diving clubs, such as Vahe Bayrakdarian, the passionate Lebanese Armenian Technical and side-mount diving instructor, who had placed A Memorial Banner underneath the sea earlier on the 26th of April, 2015.

He inspired the Octopus team to create this event. He participated with Hrag Gulumian, and Maya Samaha, and thanked the Octopus Team diving club, The Armenian Embassy in Lebanon for inviting them and having them share in the exceptional event dedicated to the Centenary of the Armenian Genocide.

Photo Credit: Markar Toumayan

Video Footage of Armenian Memorial Cross Deployment Underwater(Lebanon)

Photos of Armenians placing a cross under the sea

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  1. While thousands of Syrian Armenians are trying to eke a living in expensive Beirut, these people have spent lots of money to bury a cross. For what? For the amusement of the fish? Insensitive or inane. I can’t decide.

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