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About Armnews

Decades hear the channel in August 2011 changed its face channel leadership role assumed by Artak Aleksanyan new format, thanks to a series of reforms took place in September launched a new season with a new crew and a new haghordatsantsov: The first day was the day I hear TV provides 14-hour personal production and news reports. was going on the air turned to business and economic news, technology innovations and developments taking place in the digital world, show business and sports, health and politics.
TV News report, but the main issue is: Aspiring to become an all-purpose channel covering news channel has correspondents in every region of Armenia and Diaspora dealers approved, checked the news, dynamic and spectacular, professional performance in September 2012, began the new season with old traditions. On the day of 24 hours to produce, and fresh news. The goal is to be in front of an open audience.
We are telling you about your concerns, problems, challenges, progress, and victories.
News TV Code of Ethics
1 Not to unfair means
(2) refrain from personal assessments
3 Chpitakavorel
4 Chhegnel and chtsaghrel
5 facts confuse hypothesis
6 broadcast information about the private life
7 wry comment on the news
8 diminish the importance of human
9 disseminate any discrimination

ARTN Shant

ARTN, established in 1985 has earned a well-deserved popularity in Southern California among the Armenian community. Its daily produced programs air on basic cables such as Charter, Time Warner Cable, Adelphia, Comcast, Wave Broadband, Mediacom, Sierra Dawn, RCN, Champion Broadband, GRF Broadband, COX Communications, AT&T, Verizon, Dish Network and DirecTV.

ARTN is broadcasting daily in Armenian and Russian offering continuous coverage of national and international events.

ARTN is a leading Armenian and Russian Television Network airing on the basic cable channels available in areas that are largely populated by the Armenian and Russian communities.

ARTN’s viewers enjoy a wide variety of entertainment programs with guests such as politicians, lawyers, doctors, businessmen, artists and many more.

Due to the increase of migration to North America from the former Soviet Union and the Eastern countries, ARTN makes it’s daily produced programs available not only in Southern California but also in the US, Canada, and Mexico through the GlobeCast World TV satellite, as well as worldwide on www.artn.tv.

ARTN also broadcasts its programs on KVMD TV seven days a week from 7pm-12am, covering Southern California’s basic cable channels with 2.6 million homes, in addition to DirecTV (Analog CH 31), Dish Network (Analog CH 31), AT&T U-Verse, Verizon FIOS and over the air Digital Broadcasting.

ARTN and SHANT TV (leading commercial channel in Armenia) offer and even wider array of programs such as “Armenian Super Star”, “National Singer”, “National Dance”, “Who Wants To Be Millionaire”, Astghik, Got Talent, The new selection of duduk, the popular TV Series “Vervaratsner”, “The Heirs (Zharangner)”, “Trap (Vorogait)”, “Chain”, “In the City”, being filmed at the sister station in Armenia.

ARTN’s studio is a high example of modern architecture built with typical materials, styles, and colors. It’s ample and harmonious spaces with a total area of 25,000 sq. feet gives the flexibility to operate and broadcast in high technology. Each of the originally designed sets can include from one to twelve cameras to transmit live nationwide.

ARTN offers the best of Armenian and Russian language programs in your home.


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Gala TV

GALA W  TV was founded in 2005, adopted an important principle. be independent, objective Gala has started its activities following the herustabiznesi rules, that is. misunderstanding lay his colleagues, audiences and deliver only high-quality reports, impartial and objective information.

Gyumri’s independent news channel inception maintained its policy, highlighting especially news programs, TV and entertainment programs in its existence, the show was at once gained the trust of the viewer, who took his own place in Gyumri advertising market channel significantly improved the working conditions were created shooting in modern pavilions, nerkrvets latest equipment release in 2005 from his various reports and news releases through regularly referred to in various areas of human rights issues and conducted comprehensive coverage of
the TV’s greatest achievement may be considered the basic rights, such as the freedom of speech and the right to vote: 2007 – present. TV to protecting freedom of expression and right, as well as thousands of citizens the right to receive objective and unbiased information, GALA has entered into a decisive battle with the authorities, who were trying to trample on human rights is an integral and fundamental freedom of speech: Confrontations with the various departments took quite many authorities did their best to silence the TV.

The fighting on several fronts, the tax authorities, local authorities, courts … The confrontation of the Gala has worked in advertising, and although it continued its normal activities of occurrence can be said to live of its employees, chhiastapetsrets, chlretsrets: Gala – continued course, the same script, the same principles …

Since all of its electoral processes have been the focus of attention of TV: The goal was to prevent massive fraud, vote buying, ballot stuffing prevent the police inaction in consideration of the government forces in the northern area always has the lowest percentage of the reason is the that other areas of the Shirak province’s population amenairazekvatsn compared to 2009-2010 in Gyumri release more than 80 videos and is the author of 4 videos.

2009 Television has started to implement the “Our Neighbors’ unique project, which will make many visits to neighboring countries, particularly Georgia and Turkey.

GALA has visited various departments and non-governmental organizations, meetings with government officials, governors, mayors, representatives of non-governmental organizations, local companies and businesses, citizens, employees of educational institutions in different periods during the 10-15 days of GALA team traveled on business Armenia-Turkey border all along, Ani-concessionaire Karin – Tuzluja route in this area have been done a long shot, there were meetings with public officials, community leaders, business people, ethnic minorities and media representatives.

GALA staff filmed in the Russian Federation, spoke of the problems of its activities during the Gala TV has repeatedly referred to the Armenian-Turkish relations, diplomacy, business and professional contacts within and developments, covering the most important events of the period: “GALA – News “press release on the topic covered in addition to the TV debates and discussions were held in a variety of formats, filmed and featured in films.

Prepare and display multiple videos in different regions of the neighboring country about the addition of video, the film prepared in two parts, “Tell me who your neighbor is entitled” It should be noted that the film’s success is evidenced by not only ordinary citizens but also for international institutions in 2011. U.S. Agency for International Development Assistance, Eurasia Partnership Foundation, Yerevan Press Club and the International Center for Human Development, announced by the Turkish and Armenian journalists, film and video competition tsamanak GALA: “Tell me who your neighbor” named best film, was awarded a special prize, after which the various local and of our partner organizations that operate in both Armenia and Turkey, was asked to translate in Turkish and English, to be understood as speaking and English-speaking citizens.

GALA’s projects, formed due to the interaction of various international organizations were invited to participate in the seminar program staff discussions regarding the Armenian-Turkish relations.

Gala TV is committed to the principle that regardless of the current political tension, regardless of the absence of diplomatic relations between the two countries to the peoples of the two countries to recognize each other, to work together and cooperate to enable:

2012 started its activities in September galatv.am website, new staff, new opportunities and development prospects in a short period of time the website has a unique place in the media industry and leave her handwriting.
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H1 Armenia TV

Early years
Armenia Public Television dates back to September 5, 1955 when the USSR Council of Ministers made the decision to construct 27 programme centres and five transmission stations in the Union Republics. On 29 November 1956, the date of Sovietization of Armenia, the first programme of Armenian television was transmitted.

The official opening of the Armenian television took place on February 9, 1957 as regular programs began to air. Later that year on August 6, 1957 the first news program was transmitted, titled the News of the Week. At first, the news program was not periodical, but by February 1958 the news program became periodical, which resulted in the creation of the news editorial office.

On October 13, 1957 the State Committee on Radio and Television Programmes of the Council of Ministers of the Armenian SSR was formed. According to the decree of the USSR Supreme Soviet issued in December 1970, The State Committee on Radio transmission and Television was renamed to the All-Union Republican State Committee on Television and Radio Transmission.

In March 1973 the television station began its preparations for the changeover to transmissions in colour. Engineers for a color mobile station, TV production laboratory, video recording units were obtained to begin this process. On May 1, 1973 the station made its first color transmission from Lenin Square for the May Day Parade. Initially, the color programs were transmitted only from the mobile station, from the large celebrations, concerts, sports events of the country. Starting from 1978 about 50 percent of the programs of the first and the second Armenian channels were in color. Starting in August 1973, the first video recordings were broadcast, which made 70 percent of the programs in 1978.

In November 1977 a new 311.7 meter high (1,013 ft) television tower was erected, as well as “Orbita-2” – a space communication station, which transferred the second program of the Central Television from Moscow. In 1978 it became possible to see also the fourth channel of the Central Television in Armenia.

1990 to today
As political powers began changing in 1990, the then prime minister, Vazgen Manukyan, appointed Henrik Hovhannisyan, a non-communist, to be the head of the State Department of Television and Radio programs. He started the reformation of the Armenian television, both in terms of content and structure. Those changes were called to comply with the situation of the Kharabagh Freedom movement, and the breakdown of USSR.

Armenia declared its independence on September 21, 1991. A month later, the president of the country signed the RA Law “On Mass Media”. For the first time in Armenia, the information system had an opportunity to develop in a free and favorable environment. The freedom of speech and purely national propaganda were predominant for the Armenian television.

The economic crisis of the country seriously influenced the functioning of National television. Capacity was significantly cut and the number of viewers decreased. According to the data of November-December 1993, the statistical TV audience was 27.4%.

In November 1996 the 40th anniversary of the Armenian television was celebrated with festivities. The national television continued to preserve with great difficulty what has been created during the former years. The bulk of the programs were entertainment and comedy programs.

In 1996 the second channel of the Armenian television separated and became a separate program. Robert Mavisakalyan was appointed director of Nork television. Within a short period of time “Nork” was able to attract the attention of the bulk of the audience.

According to the Law of the Republic of Armenia “On Television and Radio” in force from 2000, the Public television shall start broadcasting all of its programs, films in Armenian starting from January 1, 2005. The public television started working on the process of translating programs into Armenian even before the law was adopted. A translation studio equipped with special acoustic and film cutting equipment was created.

New roads and prospects opened for the Armenian Public Television in 2005. The Armenian Public Television and Radio were recognized full and equal members of the European Broadcasting Union at the 56th General Assembly of the European Broadcasting Union held in Dubrovnik on July 7 and July 8. Becoming an Active Member of the European Broadcasting Union, Armenia gained the right to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest, which during the 50 years had already become a favorite event for the Europeans.

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Shant TV

Foundation and Extension

“Shant” TV Company was founded by Arthur Yezekyan in 1994, in the second largest city of Armenia Gyumri.

Regardless the fact that the economic condition of the republic was alarmed in the result of the ruining earthquake and there was lack of even the worst conditions, “Shant” succeeded to find not only ways of existing but also pass the harsh and at the same time full of successes way towards development.

Since March of 2001 “Shant” TV Company started regular broadcasting in capital Yerevan as well. Only during some 3-4 years “Shant” managed to become one of the leading TV companies of the capital which is the most trusted and believed.

In 2007 the programs of “Shant” became available for the Armenians of the USA as well. Starting cooperation with “ARTN” TV Company in Los Angeles, the programs of “Shant” were spread throughout whole Northern America by satellite airing, and then our programs started retransmission through “Main Cable” free networks in the whole territory of Southern California providing opportunity to the Armenians of California to watch programs of Armenian TV channel for the first time.

Since December of 2008 the satellite broadcasting of “Shant” started which includes almost the whole continent of Eurasia; except for the Middle East.

Revolutionary initiations

“Shant” TV Company realized several projects which completely changed the appearance and content of modern Armenian television.

Since 2003 “Shant” started the first international format “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”, which was the first step of integration to the international television industry.

Later almost all the famous shows of the world were added to the latter;

1. Pop Idol

2. Got Talent

3. Power of 10

4. So You Think You Can Dance?

5. Strictly Come Dancing

6. My Name Is…

“Shant” became the founder of Armenian serials’ production, starting the first Armenian series “Vervaratsner in the Family” since 2005 and created the genre of serials that did not exist in Armenia before that in about three years.

Several projects of “Shant” TV Company had decisive and significant importance for several spheres of culture restoring and modernizing those.

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Yerkir Media

Watch live streaming video from yerkirmedia at livestream.com

“Yerkir Media” TV station was founded in July 2003 by “Husaber” CJSC. From the very beginning, the TV has been cooperating with a number of Diaspora organizations and TV channels. In November 2004 the TV station participated in the licensing competition for 56 UHF of the National Commission on Television and Radio and won on 29th of December. Starting from 28th of May, 2004 “Yerkir Media” was ready to fill the existing gap in TV/Radio sphere of Armenia. “Yerkir Media” became all Armenian television of the Republic of Armenia and the whole world. From 28th of May, 2008 the TV station started its broadcast online on www.yerkirmedia.am. And on 28th of May, 2010, by the satellite broadcast world navigation of the all Armenian TV “Yerkir Media” was already a reality, thanks to which it could enter the home of every Armenian, become national TV channel` addressed already to the Armenians living abroad. The previous 2010 year was full of achievements for “Yerkir Media”. The all Armenian TV channel acquired not only the right to satellite broadcast but also founded correspondent points in Armenian communities abroad: USA (Los Angeles, Boston), Georgia, Lebanon, France, Russia, Iran, Greece, Syria, Turkey. These points gave the opportunity to get fresh news on the given community and its problems

The Commercial department of “Yerkir Media” functions along with the other departments since the foundation of TV station. TV conducts marketing researches, advertising campaigns, and the development of PR campaigns. The marketing department of “Yerkir Media” receives advertisement orders. 1. Presents several versions of scenarios 2. The production team does the shootings and video production 3. The monitoring team chooses the target group based on continuous researches 4. The Media planning team does the installation activities “Yerkir Media” Commercial department implements image development activities of various organizations, PR campaigns in Armenia, Artsakh and abroad through satellite broadcast. Develop your business on Yerkir Media, an intellectual and all Armenian TV. Contact us for advertisements on “Yerkir Media” broadcast in Armenia, Arcakh and satellite broadcast abroad. Address: 94 Charents street Tel: /+374 10/ 57 65 95 /+374 10/ 57 65 12 E-mail: [email protected] [email protected]

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