Should Israel recognize the Armenian Holocaust?

The above video published by The Ask Project, created by a Canadian-born Israeli Corey Gil-Shuster, asks random people in Israel if their government should recognize the Armenian Genocide.

Do you know anything about the Armenian Genocide?

Most of the answers were positive and people expressed their empathy and mostly agreed on the importance of the recognition of the Armenian Genocide in order to prevent the repetition. Most of them acknowledged the fact that it is only due to economic fears that the Israeli Government hesitates in opening up the subject.

Jews have been living in Armenia since the first century BC dating back to the rule of Tigranes the Great (140 – 55 BC), under whom Armenia reached its greatest extent. On the other hand, Armenian presence in Jerusalem dates to 301 AD thanks to the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem (which dates to the Apostolic Age).

What Now?

On the 104th mark of the Armenian Genocide, Israeli Blue and White co-leader Yair Lapid said, “The time has come for Israel to officially recognize the genocide of the Armenian people and stop giving in to Turkish pressure…We have a moral and historic responsibility to remember the genocide and to stand behind ‘never again,’” he added on Twitter. “This is true for every nation,” Lapid said he plans to re-propose his bill to recognize the Armenian Genocide and expressed hope the coalition will support it.

Meretz MK Mossi Raz tweeted: “Today we mark the holocaust of the Armenian people. A third of them were murdered by the Turks. The time has come for Israel to officially recognize the Armenian genocide.”

According to the Jerusalem Post, Israeli policy has been to not officially recognize the Armenian Genocide, at first to avoid antagonizing Turkey. The policy has not changed despite increased tensions with Ankara over the past decade, and in part because of warm ties with Azerbaijan, whose proximity to Iran makes it a strategic ally, important to Israeli security. Azerbaijan is in an ongoing conflict with Armenia over the Nagorno-Karabakh region.