Garbis Zakaryan First Turkish National Boxer Passes Away

Garbis Zakaryan First Turkish Boxing Champion
Garbis Zakaryan First Turkish Boxing Champion

RIP Garbis Zakaryan

Turkey bids farewell to Garbis Zakaryan, who was The first National Boxer in Turkey, and became the Middle East Boxing Champion AKA “Iron Fist”, who has peacefully passed away at 90.

Garbis Zakaryan was born in 1930, he was of Armenian origin but born in Istanbul. He had to leave his local Armenian Esayan school at 5th grade to take care of his family because his father was ill. His family survived on his mother’s handmade knittings.

He started selling newspapers as soon as he left school. He began his boxing career in 1944 at the Bosporus Tournament, eventually becoming the champion of Istanbul and Turkey of the 48 kg in 1947 and 1948.
He became a Turkish and European welterweight boxing champion, after representing the Turkish National Team for the first time in 1949 against Spain, becoming the first Turkish professional boxer in 1951.
Zakaryan retired in 1966 but continued training European champions, including Cemal Kamaci.

Garbis The Iron Fist

Garbis kept his title as the European boxing champion until March 1957 and became the Middle-East champion in 1964.

The amateur champion of Galatasaray Istanbul and Turkey who became a legendary boxer ended his boxing career in 1966 after his 22-year career.

He started boxing at the age of 14. He fought 201 amateur and 50 professional matches. He had 226 wins. He was only knocked out 2 times. He made a living by boxing his and leaves behind his wife and 2 children.

A funeral will be held for Garbis Zakaryan on Wednesday at 13.00 in Beyoğlu Üç Horan Armenian Church and then buried in Şişli Armenian Cemetery.

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