Who is Nathan Kibarian

Just 23 years old, he is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island with honors. And after a three-month apprenticeship in France, he trained to become a Master Chef. Has worked at the Ritz Carlton in Washington, D.C., and is now at Bastille Kitchen in Boston.
On his personal blog, Baker’s Wild where you may find many recipes, he introduces himself as, “My name is Nathan.  I currently work as a pastry chef and I absolutely love my job..”

Just looking at his personal blog, you may see the huge influence and love of his Armenian Family, when he describes his relationship with family and food. “It is how we remember the past and keep our cultural heritage alive.  It is how we create new memories while remembering old ones.  Some traditions have prevailed for thousands of years while others have gone away.  Some are even resurrected from the grave and given a new life.  As humans, we crave for belonging and to find meaning and symbolism in our lives.  We use traditions to connect and give meaning to our existence.”

He presents food; meanwhile, you will have a lesson in tradition and history ” … I present to you a tradition from my family.  One that has traveled many years and thousands of miles.  It has withstood the test of time, war, famine, and countless periods of relocation to say the least…”

“During the summer, my grandparents would make Armenian coffee after dinner served with chilled watermelon. I would sit on my grandparent’s laps and would grind the coffee with an old brass coffee grinder. One of those old school, hand-made ones with the etched patterns on the side. This grinder would turn beautifully roasted coffee beans, with their intoxicating aroma, and oily sheen into an even more aromatic powder. As a five-year-old, this was the coolest thing ever. Put beans in, turn handle like crazy, get the powder out of the bottom..”

Retired writer and photographer Tom Vartabedian writes in the Haverhill Gazette about him “Nathan is a local guy in the sense that he belongs to the Armenian Church community at Hye Pointe and manages to give demonstrations whenever the invitations come.

They gather to see him perform his wizardry behind a table… Nathan is a master chef who tends to prefer a low profile in the kitchen until diners compliment his concoctions.”

Andrew Kibarian

Andrew Kibarian

The chocolate demo he did last Christmas in Haverhill became the talk of the Armenian community. He’s planning another gig this Christmas, showcasing other dessert techniques.

“I’m a first-generation American,” he says. “My grandparents lived next door and there were always family dinners. Everything was home-made, especially desserts. Armenian flavors are natural and home-style with lots of fresh ingredients. I don’t want people to be completely confused about what they are eating.” Custom Javascript Development Services

Nathan Kibarian is the son of Ed and Anahit Kibarian. He has two brothers, Daniel (24) and professional American Football player Andrew (21) of The Stone Hills Skyhawks.