The Toronto van attack

An attack targetting innocent pedestrians with a van attack left Canadians in Shock on 23 April 2018. The driver was identified as 25 years old Alec Minassian. He is a graduate of Thornlea Secondary School in Thornhill north of Toronto. According to CBCNews, he has been in college for about 7 years. Apparently has been rejected by women, resulting in the tragedy that took the lives of at least ten people and left 15 injured.
The event took place on the busy Yonge St. in Toronto. The driver was located and arrested without injury.

Motives of The Toronto van attack

There are no indications so far that this was motivated by terrorism or by political views; however, the driver was identified as an “Incel” a group of Young men who struggle with finding romantic partners and find solace in their shared experience with each other. They even have coined the term, “Incel” to describe their situation as being “involuntary celibate”.
On his Linked in profile, he has shared a quote that indicates that he was following the footsteps of Elliot Rodger, an American who at the age of 22, went on a deadly rampage near a California university and was an “involuntary celibate.”

“I thought someone had a heart attack,” one driver who found himself close to the van told CP24. “Oh my God. Oh my … it wasn’t a heart attack. This person was intentionally doing this, he was killing everybody. I’m going to be sick … I stopped at Empress, he was just going on …one after the other, all the way down to Yonge and Sheppard, I seen people get hit, one by one … They went down one after another. An old lady, crumpled. I seen a stroller split in half … flying in the air. Ah man, I can’t believe this. Oh my God. The most gruesome … a woman’s leg … blood all over. Ah man, ah man.”

Another bystander: “It was indiscriminate. He was hitting whoever he could hit. He was hitting innocent people.”

And yet another driver who said he actually caught a glimpse of the suspect, through the window. “He looked really angry. But he also looked scared.”