Charles Aznavour Tribute by 1000 Chorists in Cannes, France

The Grand Show of 1000 Chorists!

The nights of 9th and 10th of August 2019, revived the memory of our Legend Charles Aznavour when a wall of 1000 chorists stood proudly on the stage of Victory Palace in Cannes and sang a bunch of his unforgettable songs. French renowned artists JENIFER and MICHAEL GREGORIO joined The 1000 Chorists on stage for a unique tribute to Mr. Charles AZNAVOUR.

The event was under the direction of Jacky Locks, Marc-André Caron, Guylaine Fournier, Maryline Laplagne and Florian Martinet, in partnership with the City of Cannes and The Union of Armenians of Cannes and Surroundings, under the chairmanship of Nicolas and Kristina Aznavour, and in support of Aznavour Foundation.

The 1000 Choir is organized in Cannes by the “Choeur en Fête” organization, that also organizes 2000 choristers in Amnéville.
Choeur en Fête organizes several large-scale events:
series of magical concerts with chorists, symphonic and rhythmic orchestras and renowned artists.

The choir performed Emmenez-moi, La Bohème, Hier encore, La Mamma, Comme ils disent, Ils sont tombés, Je m’voyais déjà…
In addition to hits by Jenifer and Michael Gregorio.

The fantastic voices of 1000 chorists celebrated Aznavour wearing The Tricolor of the Armenian flag when they performed Pour Toi Armenie, the famous song dedicated by Aznavour to the memory of Armenians who fell during the earthquake.

Cannes has previously Hounoured Armenia at the Midem Festival. NY based Armenian Artist Tigrane Tsidoghdzyan exhibited his paintings, and Lebanese Armenian Singer Eileen Khatchadourian performed Live At The Ma Nolan’s ”

Araz Tavitian

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