Kamo Shaboyan was just a boy when his father disappeared, leaving his mother to take care of the family single-handed and without any news of his fate. Since she died, he has been working hard to create a new sustainable livelihood for the family by developing a market garden.


The man: “I was born in this house, I have always lived here.”
Man: “There were six children in the family”
“Eight of us in total.”
Man: “I was 13 or 14 when my father disappeared. I remember it very well.”

Man: “At the time, the war in Karabakh was going on and our country was in turmoil.”
Man: “My father left Georgia to buy some sugar.”

Man: “A group of men from Azerbaijan kidnapped him at the train station.”
Man: “A long time after the ICRC brought us a letter from him.”
Man: “The ICRC continued to visit us regularly, asking different questions.”
Man: “We asked for more news of our father. But up until now we’ve heard nothing more.”
Man: “The ICRC is still helping us. For that we are really grateful.”
Man: “ We suffered a lot after the disappearance of my father.”
Man: “It was a big loss for our family. Having no news about him until today is very difficult.”
Man: “We keep on living and working without him… but we still have hope he is alive.”
Man: “After my mother died I started taking care of the family.”
Man: “I was supported with help from the ICRC.”
Man: “I’m trying to crate something sustainable with my family.”

Man: “I don’t want their help forever, there is no need for them to support us indefinitely. You can’t create anything worthy if you expect support all the time.”

Man: “Recently we build a new greenhouse with help from the ICRC.”
Man: “ Since then our income has significantly increased.”

Man: “A plastic cover is needed to protect our leaves and vegetables from the sun. As the sun burns, the plastic cover melts and frays. The fabric we are tying should keep the plastic cover under secure even under heavy winds.”
Man: “when the next season starts in March I’ll need to replace the cover.”

Ma: “We do all the work ourselves. My wife and my sons help me.”
Man: “I only ask a neighbor to help when I need to do something like tighten the roof cover.+

Man: “We all help each other when we can around here.”

Man: “Since I had no chance to really feel my father’s love and care I’d love to see him again, even for just an hour. I don’t know what would happen to me if I did. He went missing a long time ago, so I shouldn’t hold out he is even alive. I don’t really think there’s a chance I’ll see him again. But I am still waiting for him. I haven’t lost hope quite yet.