Earlier today, President of Artsakh Republic Pago Sahakian, had a meeting with the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia Armen Ashotian, according to reports from Artsakh Presidential Press Office.

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The Armenian States representatives discussed methods to improve development in the fields of education and science in Artsakh and signed agreements of collaboration between them.
So far Artsakh State University is the main and the biggest public university in Artsakh. Currently, the university prepares specialists in 31 areas, and has established close ties with other educational institutions and universities in Armenia and other countries.

After the meeting The President expressed his satisfaction about the outcome of the meeting. President Sahakian anticipates the collaboration between the Armenian and Artsakh Republic Ministries of Education and Science to result in high level of contribution and efficiency in achievements to improve the educational system.

Present at the meeting were also Artsakh Republic minister of Education and Science Slava Asryan, rector of the Armenian National University of Architecture and Construction Gagik Galstyan, in addition to other officials.

In 2011, with the help of Artsakh Development Group, a non-profit organization that helps bring awareness in the United States about issues concerning Artsakh, the university launched a study abroad program, that was launched with the California State University to allow 12-15 students to spend a summer in Artsakh and take courses on politics, history, and economy regarding Artsakh and Armenia.

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