Vatche Armenian Singer (Prince of Modern Armenian Love Songs)

A thousand and one nights or “Hazar Ou Mi Kisherner” is an Armenian hit song on Smule and youtube with 99k Views. The caption says “This Love Song is my first single dedicated to all lovers on valentine’s day. Under the supervision of maestro Khatchig Malkhassian.”

The Videos section on Youtube simply contains 11 Armenian love songs that remind you somehow of the late Paul Baghdadlian. However, songs belong to Singer Vatche Diratsouian My Classmate.

Vatche Diratsouian Bio, Family and Education

Vatche Diratsouian

Vatche was born in Beirut on 24 July 1979, in the loving family of Jirayr and Osanna Diratsouian has an elder sister Zarmig and a younger brother Harout.

Vatche lives in Amsterdam. He is married and has a handsome son!

Growing up, his maternal family was well known among their circle of family and friends for participating in social events and performing popular songs during weddings and parties. His uncle is a famous accordionist, Antranik Boyajian.

At an early age, his parents discover that their smart young boy has an excellent musical ear.

At age 10, his father registered him at Hamazkayine’s Parsegh Ganachian Academy in Bourj Hammoud, where he learned the piano for two years and continued attending private lessons for three years.

Vatche Singing Armenian Love songs with Paul Baghdadlian

Vatche and Paul

Vatche’s voice is very similar to that of the late king of Pop Paul Baghdadlian.

Unlike other singers who try to imitate Paul’s Style, Vatche doesn’t try to imitate Paul, but the moment you speak with him, you will notice the similarity.

His family and friends have always asked him to perform Paul’s songs, which Vatche does in his own version, similar to the Greek style.

In 2010 Vatche’s sister got married, and Paul Baghdadlian was also invited to the wedding.

It was the ultimate unplanned surprise when a good samaritan told Paul about Vatche’s voice, so the king invited him onto the stage to perform together, his lovely song “Harsentsou.”

Paul encouraged Vatche to pursue a musical career. Today, we believe Vatche has what it takes to be the next Prince of Armenian Love song.

Singing Style and Genre of Singer Vatche

Vatche prefers to sing Greek-style songs because he is greatly influenced by Paul. About new music productions, he feels like new songs tend towards techno or rabiz or classical folk songs.

Vatche was raised in an era when Paul Baghdadlian was one of the most influential singers in the diaspora. Paul’s songs were present in almost every home alongside the classic Armenian Folk and Estradayin songs.

Vatche would like to sing the popular Paul style, like Arabic or Greek modern songs, that artists perform with fewer “Amanedes”(Aman-Aman) parts and says he wouldn’t like to sing rabiz.

About the songs of Sayat Nova, Vatche loves to hear them but not perform them. He is ready to sing Arabic songs but definitely not Turkish or Kurdish.

List of Vatche’s songs in Collaboration Khatchig Malkasian

Vatche believes in Maestro Khatchig Malkhasian’s excellent performance and remains loyal to him even after moving to the Netherlands. He believes Khatchig Malkhassian can give the classic Paul songs style and touch.

Together they have produced 16 songs, 11 of which are already published on Youtube.

  • Pave Sird Im – Arrangement: Khatchig Malkhassian Lyrics: Sarkis Kel Khatcherian
  • Our es – Arrangement: Khatchig Malkhassian Lyrics: Sarkis Kel Khatcherian
  • Artsounkner – Arrangement: Khatchig Malkhassian Lyrics: Sarkis Kel Khatcherian
  • Harpel em Yar – Arrangement: Khatchig Malkhassian Lyrics: Sarkis Kel Khatcherian
  • Ko Atcheri Metch – Arrangement: Khatchig Malkhassian Lyrics: Sarkis Kel Khatcherian
  • Te Pndrem – Music and Arrangement: Khatchig Malkhassian Lyrics: Sarkis Kel Khatcherian
  • Dzaghgoum e Im Sirde – Arrangement: Khatchig Malkhassian Lyrics: Sarkis Kel Khatcherian
  • INTS LSIR – Arrangement: Khatchig Malkhassian Lyrics: Khatchig Malkhassian
  • KO GARKN E – Arrangement: Khatchig Malkhassian Lyrics: Sarkis Kel Khatcherian
  • Keznits Herou – Arrangement: Khatchig Malkhassian Lyrics: Sarkis Kel Khatcherian
  • Hazar ou mi kisherner 

Three covers of songs, one of Vartan Berberian, 2 of Arman Baghchejian, and 13 originals of greek music, arranged by Khatchig Malkhassian, lyrics by Sarkis Kel Khatcherian, and drums by Aram K. Malkhassian.

Moreover, they have also recorded Paul’s classical song “Chem Garogh” in 2014 professionally, but just for fun, it can be found on SoundCloud.

Vatche released a few of his songs on youtube, cooperating with a Famous Lebanese photographer to the stars, Mohamad Seifeddine.

How to Listen to Singer Vatche Diratsouian’s songs

You can follow him on his Instagram @Vatche Diratsouian OfficalOpens in a new tab.,
like his Facebook page Vatche Diratsouian OfficialOpens in a new tab.
or subscribe to his Youtube channel on Vatche Diratsouian OfficialOpens in a new tab..

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