Shocking intro by Marcel Ghanem

Yesterday the 14-Aug-2014, as on every Thursday night, the Lebanese political talk show on LBCI (Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International) “KALAM ENNAS” was on air.
But the Surprise of the evening was the introduction of the show, when the Host Mr. Marcel Ghanem described Our Charles Aznavour as mentally unstable (senile).

Translation of the video content from Arabic to English

“The Best thing Charles Aznavour has said today, as we were shocked to read, is that he recommended to move the prosecuted Minorities of the east to unpopulated villages and areas of France to revive them. With all “Senility” Charles Aznavour said that, it will just cost a humble amount of money to buy the necessary tools to start the work in the fields.”
Marcel adding his opinion mockingly said (Christians, Yezidis and minorities should go and cultivate the lands and empty villages of France to revive them.)

Charles Aznavour was insulted for expressing his solution to save the minorities in the middle east

Our Message as Armenians to Marcel Ghanem

We are living in a free world, where anyone can express his opinion and suggestions, as a journalist of course you can criticize this and that, direct the audience as if this is a bad call or not, perhaps suggest a better alternative, but to insult a man like Charles Aznavour is really a bad call to get some ratings on LBCI… We know where the Channel in general and your show particularly stands these days, but it is not our objective to go through that subject. Our one and only demand is from you to correct the mistake that you have made…

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