November 26 Proclaimed Harout Pamboukdjian Day in LA

Los Angeles City Councilmember Monica Rodriguez proclaimed November 26, 2019, as Harout Pamboukdjian day in LA.

“I am proud to be joined today to honor Harout Pamboukdjian, an accomplished Armenian American Musician whose career spans over 40 years and 40 albums. Would you please help me by giving him a round of applause?

He was born in Yerevan Armenia in 1950 and was influenced by his mother’s love for music and singing. His family lived modestly and couldn’t always afford music lessons, but he continued to pursue his dream, of becoming a great musician. He convinced his mother to buy him a guitar, but as a lefty, I’m a Lefty too, but as a lefty, he played it upside down, astonishing audiences, which earned him the nickname Lefty Harout.

At the age of 18, he formed a band called Erepouni in Armenia. However, being a young musician in Armenia, a country under Soviet rule, was nearly impossible, as the government filtered all the music on radio and television. Harout and his family left Armenia in 1975. And by 1976 Harout had taken up residence in Los Angeles, in the heart of Little Armenia, in East Hollywood. Here in the United States, he had full artistic freedom to express himself. His unique manner of performance, and touching Soulful songs, have earned him the love of his fans regardless of their age or wherever they live. He is a global star within Armenian communities across the world spanning generations of fans.

Why Harout Pamboukdjian Day

In 2000 the Los Angeles Weekly did a story about Harout, calling him The Wedding Singer, recognizing how the star launched his career performing weddings and baptisms. in addition to being a musician, he has a long history of giving back to his community.
After the devastating earthquake in Armenia in 1988 that killed 25,000 people and left more than 500,000 homeless, he held a series of large-scale benefit concerts. Having witnessed the horrors and lived through the Civil War in Lebanon, he has always considered it his duty to use his artistic talent for the benefit of humanitarian initiatives.
As a descendant of survivors of the Armenian Genocide, he has continuously advocated for education, recognition, and prevention on the topic. Nearly 40 years after his arrival in the United States, Harout continues to sell out venues across the globe, including the Dolby Theater, and the Casino De Paris and the State Kremlin Palace.
I am so proud to declare today November 26th, 2019 as Harout Pamboukdjian Day in the city of Los Angeles. Congratulations.”

In May 2018, Harout Pamboukdjian was hospitalized, because of a scandalous act by some attention seekers, who were wearing t-shirts with Nikol Pashinyan’s portrait, and stood in front of the stage with their backs turned to him, showing their disrespect to Pamboukjian. Aypoupen had expressed sympathy and apologized on behalf of all Armenians with the hashtag #RespectHarout.

What was more touching was all the comments and messages that were posted on our article, by all the fans who still respected and loved him, and we would like to share some with you:

Hasmig Matossian wrote:
Shame on the protestors shame on everyone who touches our culture…artists…and the good things that we enjoy. Leaders come and go, but nations are there. Apostles, bishops, and Catholicosates come and go but the church is there. We respect all our leaders at times when they r there. Good works enter history …others vanish but beware touch our culture and good works…we LOVE you Harout in all situations…just ignore and go on our Legend+++

Lida Nazari wrote: …Love you and respect you Harout. And for all of you my AIR HEAD people I love you too. This is the only way our people can get things done.

Suzanne Etyemezian-Arzoumanian wrote:
Sireli Harout toun patsarigue es,I Love you ,shad ,shad neghoutian mech e’n & mi veravorvir,bidi hasguenank irents vijague,nouine Sirounshoyin,yev lavakouin voraguove shad partser ourish yerkichnerine,we love you Harout,medigue ere’ incher gue khossin ,tourkeroun gue nmantsenen,im shad sireli goussaktsoutiounes,Tashnaguetsoutiounes

Harout Pamboukjian
Harout Pamboukjian

Araz Tavitian

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