Harout Pamboukjian Hospitalized

According to blog.168.am sources Armenian American artist Harout Pamboukjian has been hospitalized.  According to the same sources, the reason was probably yesterday’s scandalous events that most probably broke his heart.

Yesterday the entire web was flooded with a video of Harout Pamboukjian, at one of his performances in Glendale, leaving the stage after some protesters, wearing t-shirts with Nikol Pashinyan’s portrait stood in front of the stage with their backs turned to him, showing their disrespect to Pamboukjian.

The act was not supported by the entire audience, but surprisingly even few of the organizers took part in it and didn’t attempt to calm down the situation but cold-bloodedly invited the next participant to the stage to continue the event.

The people who behaved in such a way reasoned that in 2017 the singer bowed to Serge Sargsyan and his party at the end of the final event of the RPA election campaign, and this is the answer.


But as an answer, many supporters have expressed their sympathy and apologized on behalf of all Armenians with the hashtag #RespectHarout.

On behalf of the Aypoupen staff, we urge our Nation worldwide, not to confuse Harout for any rabiz-ala-turka singer and remind them that Harout has been a great support to the Armenian Nation ever since he was expelled from the Homeland, and who has given numerous concerts in the Diaspora during the Earthquake or during the Artsakh liberation struggle he has always helped his brothers and sisters in the Homeland.

Harout has proved to be one of the most inspiring and moving Artists of the Diaspora for more than fifty years, just like the influence Serj Tankian has on today’s youth, but some people have to know that Harout Pamboukjian is off limits.