Badguer Restaurant (Badger) Cooking With Arpi Mangassarian

“Chein Spasum, Qaghcats Spasum en” at Badguer

David Vartanyan and Souren Shahverdyan of “Chein Spasum, Qaghcats Spasum en” program on Armenian TV Visit Badguer Armenian restaurant and cultural center.

Badguer (House of creators and Artisans), where Armenian heritage, traditions, and cuisine are promoted. Cultural events organized at Badguer, introduce guests from all over the world to the real Armenian identity that Genocide survivors have passed to their descendants, and the presence of Arpi’s parents is a living proof of that.

The crew is greeted by Arpi Mangassarian the owner and manager of the center, who takes us through all the sections of the large space the gift shop, the kitchen, and the restaurant. Later the crew goes shopping with Arpi for the necessities of the days’ menu, visiting Armenian shops in Bourj Hamoud.

Badguer promotes Armenian Artisanat, food, and music, in addition to hosting special events and introducing exquisite artists from all over the world, the center offers live professional music on special occasions.

In the video above Arpi Mangassarian generously teaches the viewers how to cook Carrot Dolma (filling), and Lettuce Sarma(rolls).

Arpy says, “Our will and work perform miracles, along with our elderly parents, and until our last breath, we will tell the story of our people to future generations, and to all the people of the world, we hope our ancestors rest in peace.”

Trip Advisor rates Badguer with 4.5 Stars as one of the comments reads:

“Lovely Armenian restaurant and cultural center”
Reviewed February 8, 2015
Badguèr (which means “image”, in Armenian) is a restaurant and handicrafts center in a little traditional house by the banks of the river. It was born as an initiative of Arpy Mangassarian, cultural and urban activist.

With quite a rich scene of Armenian cuisine in town, Badguèr brings something different. The place is very nice and homey and the menu offers specific signature dishes, such as delicious Stuffed Carrots, a recipe invented by Mangassarian’s family (they invented also the tool to make it). The Manty (Armenian tortellini with a tomato sauce, covered by yoghourt, sumac and spices) is the best we got in town.

The whole experience is excellent, great taste, fresh ingredients and great value. Really recommended.

Araz Tavitian

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