Who is Garo Kotchounian?

Glad that you are here to know more about me!

My name is Garabet Kotchounian, Garo for short, which is how everyone knows me.

Also, it happens to be my Grandfathers name, and this is an Armenian tradition to name the first son you have the same name as your father. So we will have a lot of Kevork and Garo in the house.

I am married to Araz Tavitian Kotchounian, and we have two beautiful kids, Lala our daughter, and Kevork, our son.
I have been residing in Nicosia, Cyprus (the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean) for almost 20 years, and I love it here.


It has not been long since I discovered that I am more introverted than extroverted.
I have always loved and cared for people but never had many friends, and it was never natural for me to merge and start a conversation with strangers or feel comfortable in large settings.


At the age of thirteen, I had to quit school and start working as a vehicle painter, but that didn’t stop me from getting a proper education.
I was that hard-working kid who went to night courses in English, and I fell in love with electronics and technology.

I was that rich boy who went to study computer programming and graphic design with my laptop back in 1996 when 99% of the population did not have a computer.

For Nerds(only)

My first laptop was a Toshiba, monochrome with no hard disk drive. I had to boot it with an MS-Dos floppy disk double density(714kb). The laptop couldn’t even read a high-density floppy(1.4MB).

I have studied MS-Dos, Gw-basic, and other outdated programming languages that I do not even remember.
I have also studied graphic design and video production applications such as 3D-Max, Quark Express, Adobe Photoshop, and Coral Draw.

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Internet Era

My love for computers was also growing, the internet was spreading fast, and not all homes had connections. Internet and gaming cafes became popular.
I found myself working as an IT in many internet cafes. I was living in heaven.

The Hobby

Internet and computers were fun and entertainment for me. I have never thought of them as a way to make a living.

Since I didn’t have any business background or someone to encourage me to use my knowledge to build something online, I started by studying design and coding to create a custom website. From there, I grew a massive social media following and started earning an income.

The Urge

In 2013 as a family, we went through a big crisis, and we lost everything we possessed. That was the wake-up call. I have determined to change the gameplay and start making an income from the internet.
I have built my first baby, a community website Aypoupen, which was the gate to many new opportunities for me.


Here I will mention a few of the hundreds of businesses I helped establish and grow their online presence.

My own businesses:

Aypoupen, Armenian Community WebsiteOpens in a new tab.
Hostitute, Marketing and Web SolutionsOpens in a new tab.
Piyel, Positive Intelligent Youthful Energetic LifestyleOpens in a new tab.
Cutoff Me, URL link shortenerOpens in a new tab.
A website teaching Stay At Home Moms How to Generate IncomeOpens in a new tab.
MLM Dealz, Information about Network MarketingOpens in a new tab.
Successful Introverts’ Club a Community Website for Introverted Individuals.
Elevmar, Elevate Your MarketingOpens in a new tab.


I want every introverted individual to have the opportunity to improve their situation regardless of their current status or background.

I am on the journey to help introverts make a living from the internet, no one held my hand in my journey, but I promise to have yours if you choose to put in the sweat to learn and take the necessary actions.

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