Awful news, about an Armenian who was diagnosed with a cancer called Xenomania, a new type of cancer, where organs started producing exotic fluids while performing their routine tasks, like the heart was producing pepsin, the pancreas was producing oxytocin, the stomach insulin… to prove to one another that they are capable and superior organs.

Doctors said my beloved was dying because of malnutrition, malfunctioning and ignorance… some causes were external because of the lack of confidence in the local nutritional market especially after the brutal execution of a local nutritional producer, who took care of a great amount of consumers for decades.

In some other cases, doctors say, the cure was available spiritually but patients refused also taking the spiritual prescribed doses from the divine book of nutrition based on some prior battered experiences with leadership.

[ad id=”1838″] According to UNESCO the Western Armenian Language is listed as A DYING LANGUAGE. “Definitely endangered”, they say putting it on a map of the world’s dead and threatened languages.

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization’s  Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger, informs that when languages die, they take with them legends, proverbs, stories, traditions, memories … The map reveals that only 200,000 people speak Western Armenian in Turkey and in the Diaspora.

I admire many countries where people insist on speaking their own language with tourists, patients, customers and so on, just to give them a taste of their own culture, but in my society, some people refuse to read Armenian, unless it is a “lighter” language, preferring and boasting their good knowledge of “exotic” languages, in my opinion a result of Xenomania, and CataGelophobia: the extreme fear and complex of being mocked or laughed at as a community for ages…. simply for not being able to speak the local language, all this ignoring Lord Byron’s famous quote: Armenian is the language to speak with God…

According to Dr. Arda Jebedjian (PhD in linguistics and teaches at universities in Lebanon and Cyprus): “After 97 years of diasporic existence, some Armenian communities seem to have developed a defeatist, pessimistic stance towards the preservation of their ethnic language, with a stubborn conviction that I am French. Why should I speak Armenian? What good will it do me in France? I am American. I feel American. The fact that my ancestors were Armenian a 100 years ago has no significance to me. Why do we always have to make it hard on ourselves?” … “Life is already hard. Don’t make it any harder. I wasn’t born in Armenia. Why should I speak Armenian? How is Armenian going to help my children find a job? There is no future in Armenian.”

Today I am glad to hear that scholars from Lebanon are gathered in Aghveran Armenia, for the “Western Armenian Wikipedia” Convention. With the cooperation of Eastern Armenian Wikipedia editors, who share experiences and methods to strengthen the usage, preserve and prevent the loss of our beloved language. There will be training of scholars and teachers who will continue their work in Lebanon, and later on there will also be special training camps for students and coordinators in Armenia, under the patronage of Caloust Gulbenkian Foundation.

Hoping that Armenians all around the world stand willingly united around the schools and churches, to cure a bleeding attitude, towards a language that needs some little extra attention and effort to survive for centuries to come. Speaking, reading, writing Armenian, attending Church and cultural events with our family and friends, could help. We have survived in the diaspora because of our difference, our Language, The Armenian Language, let’s pay some back.