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Sarhad Arisdakessian, Araz Guidanian and Harout Artinian are three Armenians from Lebanon, who have collaborated to create and release, an Armenian music streaming mobile app called Yerker, to serve Armenian music lovers with a wide variety of songs that so far has reached 15,000 songs.

The app includes Armenian artists from all over the world, who are supporting the app for being one of a kind, and including all and serving all ages.

The app is growing in size and will soon cover a bigger number of entries as the users’ number grows. The app will give the new generation the chance to get to know songs from older times.

Sarhad Arisdagessian, got the idea while travelling when he needed to hear a song by Roupen Hakhverdyan and he had no access on his Iphone, this made him start the project to satisfy his personal thirst for starters, and it developed into a project to serve the whole nation.

It took about a year and a half to gather the songs, 6000 of which are rare songs that were saved from older type of audio machines.

Yerker App now Available on Apple Store and Google Play.

TO Download the Free Armenian Music Streaming App – Download Now Opens in a new tab.Yerker
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