Meet Edgar Artis The Most Followed Armenian Illustrator

Edgar Artis is an Armenian illustrator who has conquered the internet with more than 625k followers on Instagram only, with his magnificent art. He is the creator of various sketches of dress designs.

He uses the drawn silhouette of a girl model and dresses her in an extravagant attire with stylized paper cut-outs using a bright natural background and or objects of nature or everyday life that we find around us such additional items as twigs plants, rose petals, food, life, and even the architecture of the buildings.

Perhaps, many ladies would dream to get dressed by Edgar Artis, even if he is not a fashion designer, but an illustrator. However, his ideas, which mainly exist as images, are worthy of realization in real life.

Where is Edgar Artis from?

Edgar Aris is born in Sevan, the youngest of three brothers. In the beginning, he taught himself how to draw. “But our city was too small and restricted me. It was a tough time because there wasn’t an art scene for me to explore.” In Armenia, you could not make a living from art. 

First Edgar studied economics in the Armenian capital Yerevan. “But I realized that I really didn’t like my studies. I hated it!” Driven by such strong feelings, Edgar decides to finish his studies, to devote himself to art. He published it on his Instagram channel in 2015.

“In the beginning, I just posted regular illustrations. At some point, I had the idea of ​​using food for my pictures. I wanted to do something extraordinary and thought outside the box a bit.” That pays off and refutes the cliché of allegedly unprofitable art. 

“The first few years I had about 1,000 followers. But after some media reported about my art, things started to work.” An article about Artis on a well-known art site brings the breakthrough. It was shared a million times in 2016.

This is where the story begins, which sounds like a fairy tale come true. Among the young Armenian’s followers are members of the “International Fashion Academy” of Paris. They see Artis’ pictures, are immediately enthusiastic, and offer him a scholarship. 

“I have been living in Paris since September 2017 and am studying fashion design and technology. Instagram has really changed my life completely.”

Edgar Artis

The illustrator, straight from Armenia, now lives in Paris and is inspired by it. Her incredible talent has also been nominated for the Shorty Award: fashion, which rewards influencers and creators of social media content. The list of nominees is long, and among them, we find Olivier Rousteing, Chiara Ferragni, and Karlie Kloss, an honor for the designer.

What does Edgar Artis do?

“Genie from “Aladdin” I know this is not what I usually do but I hope you like it as well ☺ Have you watched my tutorials on YouTube? P.S I don’t know why his face turned out so sad. ?”

Although the idea might not be a new one, Edgar Artis gives his creations a new touch as every artist-designer with his perspective, using the simple phenomena of nature, with natural accents and touches that cannot be cloned because natural phenomena don’t recur frequently.

The designs take you to another world of fairy tales and princesses no matter what the material he is using, droplets of water, burnt matches, food, or animals, they come together to capture the hearts of true art lovers who will dive for hours in the beauty of each sketch and spend hours in admiration.
“You cannot imagine how I overcame my fear to approach this huge spider… one more thing, I was amazed by the caretakers of these animals, they were very good people. I am amazed by good people because they are so rare” says Edgar.

You May Follow Edgar on his Facebook page or Instagram or subscribe to his Youtube Channel.

Different materials used in making fashion-statement Dresses

The dresses of the Armenian designer are unique and ultra fashion thanks to their original customization. Bolts, magazines, sweets, and new materials represent a new trend for him. Imbued with overflowing imagination, everything the artist touches can be transformed into a glamorous dress! 

We would love to wear them but like in a porcelain store we touch them with our eyes and we admire his unique work on Instagram. 

After playing with hundreds of different materials, today Edgar Artis wishes to collaborate with a house with values ​​similar to its own by using its products. In order to create his works, the illustrator needs quality and above all original material.

Edgar Artis wants to ally with entrepreneurs imbued with authenticity but with a great touch of elegance and style that comes close to his ultra-fashion looks.

Edgar Artis Prices

With his eternal roses and his pretty color palette, Edgar Artis will have fun creating new dresses with a romantic and chic look! With quality flowers that first appeal to the illustrator, then the lifespan. Unlike fruits and vegetables, these designs can last between 2 and 3 years if he uses the famous eternal roses of the house.

An original florist in Paris, who is based on floral art, has partnered with Edgar to Sell his pictures.

Between eternal roses and decorative elements, the house brings a romantic and chic dew touch to Paris. The team works daily to find the best suppliers and create new original compositions by combining Parisian know-how.

Edgar Artis collaborates with this unique house and its specialty: the eternal rose. But then what is an eternal rose? We will explain everything to you! The eternal rose is a specialty. Thanks to its vegetable stabilization, resulting from a unique and ecological process, the rose no longer needs to seek nutrients (neither in the water nor in the earth). Thanks to this technique of natural preservation, the eternal roses retain their suppleness and their natural freshness without maintenance. The result? A rose with a natural look!  

The lifespan of eternal roses varies from 1 to 3 years. The eternal rose ( stabilized  ) is 100% natural! These eternal roses are therefore ideal for unique illustrations.

But that’s not all! Edgar Artis can also have fun with the fresh flowers that he selects from the best suppliers or even the ostrich feathers from the very pretty lamps.

We can’t wait to discover Edgar Artis’ illustrations embellished with flowers, can you?

Araz Tavitian

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