edgar artwork 1Edgar Artis is an Armenian illustrator who has conquered the internet with more than 473k followers on Instagram only, with his magnificent art. He is the creator of various sketches of dress designs, using the drawn silhouette of a girl-model and dressing her in an extravagant attire with stylized paper cut-outs using a bright natural background and or objects of nature or everyday life that we find around us such additional items as twigs plants, rose petals, food, life, and even the architecture of the buildings. Perhaps, many ladies would dream to get dressed by Edgar Artis, even if he is not a fashion designer, but an illustrator. However, his ideas, that mainly exist as images, are worthy of realization in real life.

“Genie from “Aladdin” I know this is not what I usually do but I hope you like it as well ☺ Have you watched my tutorials on YouTube? P.S I don’t know why his face turned out so sad. ?”

Although the idea might not be a new one, Edgar Artis gives his creations a new touch as every artist-designer with his perspective, using the simple phenomena of nature, with natural accents and touches that cannot be cloned because natural phenomena don’t recur frequently.

The designs take you to another world of fairy tales and princesses no matter what the material he is using, droplets of water, burnt matches, food or animals, they come together to capture the hearts of true art lovers who will dive for hours in the beauty of each sketch and spend hours in admiration.
“You cannot imagine how I overcame my fear to approach this huge spider… one more thing, I was amazed by the caretakers of these animals, they were very good people. I am amazed by good people because they are so rare” says Edgar.

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