Armenian Participant Makes Jamala The Voice Ukraine Judge Cry

Lately, there is a phenomenon that is growing larger and larger every day. With the wider spread of Youtube and social media, we are frequently encountering talented Armenians around the globe that are taking part in international reality television singing competitions.

Gilbert SimonOpens in a new tab. in Star Academy Lebanon, AlbertOpens in a new tab. Boyadjian in X-Factor Arabia, Yuri Melikov in The Voice Greece and The Voice Russia, Hovig Demirdjian (who in 2017 represented Cyprus in Eurovision), The Voice Greece, and many more.

In the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, some of us were introduced for the first time to an artist of Armenian origin, named Jamala the Ukrainian contestant AKA Susanna Jamaladinova, born in Osh, Kirghiz SSR, to a Crimean Tatar father and an Armenian mother.

Lusine Kocharyan

Armenian Participant Lusine Kocharyan in The voice Ukraine 2017

This year Jamala, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, has joined The Voice Ukraine Judging Panel. During the announcement, she confessed that she loves to hear unique vocal timbres and artists that have compelling stories behind them. Will she discover a new star in Ukraine?

Apparently, she has already found her voice. As one participant made her cry during the blind auditions with the famous Armenian song “Sareri Hovin Mernem”. The lucky participant is Lusine Kocharyan who chose Jamala to be her coach on her journey to fame.

The blind auditions of Armenian voice talents

22-year-old Lusine Kocharyan from Kyiv, who took part in the blind auditions of the Ukrainian show “Voice”, performed the Armenian folk song “Sareri Hovin mernem” during the qualifying stage of the competition.

The young girl captivated the jury with her performance, who noted her talent. Of the four mentors, three turned to Lusina: singer Tina Karol and Jamala, Potap, whose team had already been formed, also turned and watched the girl’s performance while standing.

The girl performed the Armenian folk song so nicely that Tina Krol , who usually does not press the judge’s button until the last seconds of the participants’ performance, turned to the performer at the beginning of the song. 

The voice Judge Cries over Armenian Song

During the performance of “Sareri Hovin mernem” Jamala burst into tears. After that, she asked Lusine Kocharyan to explain to the other members of the jury the meaning of the song, referring to her with the phrase “Lusine jan”.

After some thought, the girl chose Jamala as a mentor in the Voice.

Earlier, the Ukrainian singer Jamala, who has Armenian roots, selected another representative of Armenia, Eva Voskanyan, to her team, saying that, thus, she had a chance to reconcile the Armenian and Azerbaijani peoples, since she is also a mentor of the representative of Azerbaijan, Jamid Mammadov.

To follow Lusine Kocharyan please like her page here.Opens in a new tab.

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