Visual Artist Julie Karabéguian

Visual Artist Julie Karabéguian

Visual Artist Julie Karabeguian: Age, Origin, Work, info…

Meet Julie Karabeguian, a 44-year-old French visual artist, whose father is Armenian download car noises. The author, composer, performer and visual artist spends her time between exhibitions, residencies, and concerts.
Academically she is a “plasticine”- visual artist specialized in plastic expression, a supreme graduate from the academy of fine arts, the “Beaux-Arts de Bourges (France)” how can I pages.
She has associated with “La Berrichonne du Salut”, a collective of multidisciplinary artists. She has participated in composing and singing in “The Queen of Yogourt”, laureate of the “Découvertes Inouîs Printemps de Bourges” wie kann ich eine serie downloaden. With “Shoshu” she has gained the laureate of Emergence of Jazz in Tours.
Julie has joined the team of “Rencontres et des P’tits Bandits”, workshops of sounds and animation for children herunterladen. She has also worked in “Bandits-Mages”, a video, cinema and sound platform.

Visual Art or Sound Fiction

Lately, Julie has released an album called Araxia, as a tribute to her Armenian grandmother Araxie, that she never met Download .net 3.5.
A sound fiction, a cinematographic dream, which follows two young sisters on the paths of exile.
Araxia, and her sister Yourapel, who in 1915 survived humanity’s darkest face apps herunterladen mit fingerabdruck.

“I met her sister Yourapel when I was a child and she told us the story of their deportation in 1915.
As a child, I couldn’t believe what she was telling me, the story of their exodus, through the desert and towards death avast antivirus program free download full version. Their family lived in Zeitoun, a village in Cilicia. They were deported with their mother, at the time of this tragedy Yourapel was 15 years old and Araxia was only one messenger video herunterladen.
A story as dreadful as luminous since the two sisters escaped the dark side of humanity. I wanted in my way to transmit their story with the part of the fantasy that their story left me when I was a child herunterladen.
That’s why I’m talking about a fiction album.” that’s what Julie KArabeguian the visual artist sees.

Araxia by Visual Artist Julie Karabeguian

Araxia by Visual Artist Julie Karabeguian

Araxia lasts 28 minutes and includes five tracks herunterladen.
Julie Karabéguian : composition, text, voice, backing vocals, keyboard, sound effect.
Stéphane Coutourides : Arrangement, guitar, bass, keyboard, mix.
Christopher Bamford: French to English translation.

Since then the visual artist has been composing and performing solo albums-fictions, halfway between the radio creation and the music album, and currently working on a second album-fiction, “Les poques de Lux”, for children.

To know more about Julie’s work click here.

The listening on Bandcamp is free but anyone can support her work.

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