Viken Dishgekenian is a well known Lebanese Armenian singer, who has been recording and performing in Beirut and many other countries for the past twenty years. His repertoire is rich with Patriotic, Romantic and Various genres of songs with many originals written for him by Lebanese Armenian writer Shahantoukhd, and music composed by Shant Dishgekenian.

Viken was born in Beirut on 25 October, 1968. After completing his primary education at Hovagimian Manougian college of the AGBU, he graduates with a BS degree in Chemistry from The American University of Beirut (AUB) in 1991, a major that he chooses to assist in his father’s family business.

While studying, he starts teaching chemistry at Levon and Sophia Hagopian Armenian College in 1989. After earning his degree, he joins the Christian Teaching Institute (CTI) and The Armenian Evangelical Central High School (CHS) staff where he continues teaching until now. His positive energy and friendly attitude have contributed to his successful teaching career.

In 1993, he loses one of his close friends, a physics teacher, who also had a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from the American University of Beirut. His name was Mher Choulhajian, who had volunteered to fight in Artsakh, and sacrificed his young life in the battlefield for the just cause of the Armenian people.

In 1996, Viken Dishgekenian releases his Debut song dedicated to Mher Choulhajian’s memory, with lyrics by Shahantoukhd and music by Shant Dishgekenian. His large audience encourage him to continue performing, as he tours different Armenian societies throughout the Diaspora. Along the years he has published more than 80 songs of different genres. He had live performances in many countries such as Argentina, Egypt, France, Kuwait….

Once a member of Hamazkayin Kousan Choir, he has been grandly inspired by Adis Harmandian. He has been accompanied by many bands, but mainly Shant Dishgekenian has been the one to accompany him during most of his performances. Moreover, most of his original songs are composed and recorded at Shant Dishgekenian’s studio.

Recently he has released a touching romantic song called “Siro Bar”, “Dance of Love” that has been written by Minas Avakian and composed by Shant Dishgekenian. His original songs written by Shahantoukhd include, “Tson Pandargevadz Engerneroun“, “Lemaganner” and more. He himself has written a song dedicated to the 120th Anniversary of the ARF called “Tashnagtsoutiun

Lara, Ara and Lori Dishgekenian

Lara, Ara and Lori Dishgekenian

Viken has been married since December 27 of 2003 to his beautiful wife Lara Avakian; together they have a son named Ara 9 years old, and a daughter Lori 5 years old.

He has inspired most of his students and encouraged them to continue their higher education, and then follow their dreams. At the same time he has become a role model of an Armenian successful individual who appreciates the Armenian traditions, and family ties, and who is a loving, caring husband, father and community member. Up till now, the dedicated and talented artist has received only one international trophy in Argentina in 1998.