Vahan Martirosyan press conference in Baku

Armenian opposition leader Vahan Martirosyan, who has been granted political asylum in Azerbaijan, held a press conference in Baku.

“I voluntarily went to the Azerbaijani side and I want to thank the government of this country for giving me political asylum,” Trend cited him as saying.

“I am a critic of Sargsyan’s criminal regime and I will continue to denounce it. The Armenian authorities forced me to accept this criminal regime. But I refused,” the human rights activist said.

“No one in Armenia wants war with Azerbaijan. We want peace. Armenia’s army is unable to fight back not only against the Azerbaijani army but also against an army of a third-world African country,” Vahan Martirosyan noted.

The opposition leader said that during the military operations in the Middle East, around 15,000-20,000 refugees, mostly of Armenian origin, have arrived to Armenia. “Witnessing all the horrors in Armenia, the majority of them left immediately. Groups are being created from those who stayed to send to Nagorno-Karabakh, mainly those who have a criminal record,” he stressed.