Since the time I had been hearing about this country, I was curious and eager to visit it. The underrated and oft-forgotten country of Armenia is located in Eurasia’s South Caucasus region and nestled between Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Iran. It’s difficult to say whether this country is part of Europe or Asia. Home to some of the world’s oldest monuments, breathtaking vistas, a hospitable culture with a rich history and a delightful food and drink scene, Armenia offers a gamut of travel experiences that will not disappoint. It’s also not overcrowded with tourists yet, a fantastic ingredient in the recipe for a unique and awesome modern-day travel experience.
Armenia has a large diaspora, with about 8 million Armenians living throughout the world. This is much larger than the current 3 million population of Armenia itself.

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Part Two

A nice and pleasant flight landed me into the city of Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. as usual, made things smooth for me at Yerevan airport. Visa was done in 15 minutes, for Indians its visa on arrival. Outside the airport wI was welcomed by our guide Carrinne, her smile ad red roses made me feel very welcomes. A twenty-minute drive took us to Radisson Blue.
WE drove to the hotel. The hotel was really nice. With a stunning location near Victory Park and Areni Lake, the Radisson Blu Hotel, Yerevan offers 5-star accommodation in the upscale Azatutyan Avenue. magnificent hilltop setting provides beautiful views of Yerevan city center against the backdrop of Mount Ararat,

The city center is divided into two parts, upper Yerevan and lower Yerevan. I was staying in the upper Yerevan. I freshened up quickly and thought, a walking tour was the best way to really get immersed in Yerevan’s culture, history and cuisine. So off we went! The city center was, of course, the place to do this, as it was home to landmarks like the grand Republic Square, the impressive Opera House, the 18th century Blue Mosque and the famous Cascade complex. the cascades – open-air giant stairwell leading to the top of the hill with an unforgettable view of Mount Ararat and the city of Yerevan. It sits right in the city center and is one of its key landmarks. It was built during the Soviet period in 1971 and was completely renovated in 2009. It has eight levels, all of which are accessible by climbing up the stairwell, though those that would rather not walk can take an elevator. I decided to walk down, the views over the city were absolutely breathtaking. I was so glad I came here as it was certainly not a place to be missed. The cascades were decorated with sculptures, fountains, and patches of grass. We walked down the stairs of cascades, towards the fountains and park where various art pieces were displayed, I saw some beautiful sculptures by the Columbian artist Fernando Botero.

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