Zhirayr Sefilyan and Varuzhan Avetisyan

Zhirayr Sefilyan and Varuzhan Avetisyan

The president of Armenia Serge Sargsyan requested the gunmen holding hostages in the police station in the capital Armenia to lay down arms and release the four police officers they’re holding as the tense standoff stretched into its sixth day.

According to Armlur The members of the group as a goodwill gesture have released two police officers. As for the hostages held by Sasna Tzerer, Deputy Chief of Police and Deputy Police Chief Valeriy Osipyan Vardan Yeghiazaryan, they will be released when the militants are provided access to the media.

When asked if they are afraid of an attack after they release the hostages, Varuzhan Avetisyan said that the possibility is always there, but they have a spontaneous popular movement…” We will reach our destination with our people. If Blood is shed, then this will be the end of the humanitarian Serzh Sargsyan, “he added.

The group demands the release of Zhirayr Sefilyan and Serzh Sargsyan’s resignation.

Source Galatv