A documentary about the Frontier Armenian forces, who prohibited the azeri movement forward near Nakhichevan, and who had them retreat even further freeing a new hill that had been considered azeri territory ever since the past 21 years .
The interviewed Commander says they stand strong, ready to defend the land with all their strength and sends a special message to Armenians all around the world, to let them know that the Armenian forces are ready for anything and will not let their guns down.

We can clearly see a military tank of the enemy moving right in front of the eyes of the Armenian soldiers, making them a very easy target to wipe out.
The report also shows how fast Armenian soldiers have dug out primary trenches with their own hands and simple means, “something that is not a hard work for Armenians who have always worked with stones and rocks”. Some Armenian soldiers have been injured, but still the rest are ready to defend the land like Lions.

In the video we see two brothers from the same family who are defending the border Arthur and Ashod Hovhannisyan who have left their families and children to keep the borders safe; ready to sacrifice their lives as they say for the safety of the nation.

The reporter remembers one of their faces and is totally surprised when Arthur says he didn’t have the chance to meet him a year earlier because he was wounded and hospitalized for a while. He was hit by an RPJ on his shoulder but now is completely healed and ready for action.

Their story doesn’t end here, because their older brother Armen is also a soldier who serves with them but doesn’t appear in the documentary due to being wounded and hospitalized.

A 27 year old Armenian soldier Arman Yepremian, father of two, was the victim of the azeri sniper, who was wiped out by the Armenian forces with all his post with 7 dead and 12 injured. And we can see clearly the enemy making renovations at the site.

The commander assured that the army will support the family of the Martyred soldier, who are villagers and will provide them with necessities, in an effort to show the public that the Army and Government care and support for soldiers and their families.

The commander also added that a few days after the attack a lamb had come from the azeri side to hide where Arman had sacrificed his life. The soldiers immolated the lamb and plan to build a chapel at the site in Arman’s memory.

The heroic story doesn’t end here, because next we see the soldiers demining the fields. What we clearly see is that the Armenian soldiers need more advanced equipment to support them when needed.

May God bless the Armenian Army and all Armenian Soldiers, wherever they may be.