Sirusho and Nshan

Sirusho and Nshan

Sirusho honored at Diafa

The DIAFA Festival, in its third edition, was held in Dubai on Friday the 8th of February 2019. It hosted 24 famous personalities from 14 countries, in the largest honorary event in the Arab world, celebrating human values of the UAE in “the Year of Tolerance”.

The festival was dedicated to the Dame of Arabic songs, Diva “Umm Kulthum”, it was held at the Atlantis Palm Hotel, honouring many inspiring influential celebrity personalities of art, media, economy, humanitarian works and networking sites.

Sirusho was introduced by Lebanese Armenian celebrity journalist and TV personality Nishan Der Haroutunian, who expressed his gratitude and pride to be representing the trophy to the artist. Nshan mentioned in Arabic that the BBC has dubbed her as a national treasure, who started her journey at the age of 9, mixing Pop, Soul and R&B and even representing Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest. He later followed in Armenian and expressed in Armenian and invited her to the stage.

Sirusho thanked the organizers especially for being the 1st Armenian to have the honours. She performed with the guests, teaching them a few words in Armenian. Her attire and jewellery were part of her own design collection.

The local fashion police didn’t much appreciate her choice of material for the jumpsuit she wore and even criticized the design for hiding the jewellery, but that’s according to the Arab taste, who are used to more extravagant looks of their artists when they perform on stage.

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