Starting in 1915, 500,000 to 1.5 million ethnic Armenians living in Turkey were killed or expelled from their ancestral lands, where they’d lived mainly peaceably with the Turks for centuries. Armenians call the slaughter genocide; Turks say it was the consequence of the larger war, in which many groups, including Turks, suffered terribly. Five of the few remaining Armenian survivors reflect on the horrors they faced fleeing their homeland as children and on what life has been like for them in exile.

Special thanks to the survivors for sharing their stories: Varazdat Manukyan, Movses Haneshyan, Malak Papoyan, Nektar Alatuzyan, and Farkha Hakobyan
VIDEOGRAPHER: John Stanmeyer
EDITOR: Kathryn Carlson
TRANSLATOR: Anush Babajanyan