The World Congress on Information Technology WCIT2019 Yerevan kicked off on Monday 7 October 2019, at the Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concert Complex “Hamalir”, in Yerevan. High ranking Government officials, Technology experts, speakers, attendees, and participants were present at the official opening ceremony at the “Hamalir” that was built in 1983 with a capacity of hosting 12,000 guests, and that is considered the largest venue in Armenia.

Famous English technology journalist Munty Manford welcomed the guests to the Center, Armenia. He introduced co-founder of UCOM, Alex Yessayan to the stage, a young entrepreneur who started his first tech company in 1998 at the age of 16, promoting the IT sector in Armenia.

Alex Yessayan welcomed the huge crowd to the conference considering it a big dream, that came true in association with UATE CEO Karen Vartanyan. They had presented a bid in 2014 showing the “power of decentralization” theme to the committee of the WITSA-The World Information Technology and Services Alliance.

Next to speak was Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan who welcomed the crowd, calling it a proud moment to be hosting such a great Informational Congress in Armenia. He said there wouldn’t have been able to realize a revolution without decentralization, that is without the influence and permission of the old government, just with a personal initiative. The Revolution that put Armenia on the international map of Democracy.
He reminded that the Technology exports and Tourism sectors have granted the Armenian Economy a rise of 7 %. He said his main intention is changing Armenia into a much more civilized, and God-fearing country. He named survivors of the Armenian Genocide who invented essential tech tools that made our modern-day lives much easier. He added that a Tech Ministry has been newly established, whose main intention is improving education and the IT sector in Armenia.

Consecutively Monty introduced the Chairman of World Information Technology and Services Alliance-WITSA, Miss Yvonne Chu, and James Poisant, the Secretary-General of WITSA. Miss Chu welcomed the crowd to the 23rd WCIT in 2019. She thanked the government of the Republic of Armenia, Mr. Pashinyan in particular for his full support, in addition to Minister of High Tech industry Arshagyan and the hard-working managing team of the event.
She stated that the information and communication technology has a huge impact on everyone, so it must be available for everyone. Moreover, governments who commit, benefit from ICT and must encourage the community to realize the importance of ICT especially to prevent war. She finished with “Shnorhagaloutiun, Yes Siroum em Hayastane”.

James Poisant, the responsible person behind the day to day operations of the global alliance, which consists of more than 80 countries and represents 90 % of the ICT industry worldwide, mentioned that the preopening night concert was the most spectacular night in their 41 years history. He proclaimed the 23rd WCIT Officially open. He invited participants in beautiful Yerevan, to discuss the impact, challenges, and opportunities, building the promise of the digital age and benefit from it.