St. BlaiseToday is 3 Feb 2016 the feast of St. Blaise he lived from approx 288 to 316 he was a surgeon and born to a rich Roman family in Sabaste Armenia during the persecution in 304 he became a hermit later with learning became a priest and became Bishop of Sabaste he would not give up his faith during the time as governor of Cappdocia & lower Armenia the gove Agricolus hunted him down and had him put in prison while in jail a small boy was choking on a fishbone and he was brought to St. Blaise the mom brought 2 candles too and St. Blaise removed the bone and the boy lived later that week St. Blaise was martyred 3 Feb 316 by beheading when this happened instead of blood milk flowed from the wound and a tree grew on the site in old days after mass throats were blessed on this day he is the patron of throat problems.

“Saint Blaise was the bishop of Sebaste in Armenia during the fourth century. Very little is known about his life. According to various accounts, he was a physician before becoming a bishop. His cult spread throughout the entire Church in the Middle Ages because he was reputed to have miraculously cured a little boy who nearly died because of a fishbone in his throat. From the eighth century, he has been invoked on behalf of the sick, especially those afflicted with illnesses of the throat. ”
Details regarding the miraculous healing of the boy vary. One account relates that the miracle occurred during the journey to take Blaise to prison when he placed his hand on the boy’s head and prayed; another that the miracle happened while Blaise was in prison when he picked up two candles provided to him and formed a cross around the boy’s throat.

The use of candles for the blessing of throats stems from the candles that Blaise used while in prison. When an old woman’s pig had been miraculously rescued from a wolf by Saint Blaise, she would visit him in prison, bringing him food and candles to bring him light in his dark cell.