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Nevada Governor, Senator Brian Edward Sandoval, has issued a Proclamation of remembrance of the Armenian Genocide Victims, during 19-26 April, 2015. A picture of the original Document and full text of the proclamation can be found below.
The Governor has also done this to honor the Armenian-American community in Nevada, citing that the “thriving community is a proud reminder of survival and determination even in the face of extreme injustice.
Calling upon the House of Representatives and the President of the U.S. to recognize the atrocities, the proclamation also reiterates Turkey’s responsibility “to acknowledge the facts of the Armenian Genocide.”

A Monument is being constructed in Sunset Park, Clark County, Nevada, after a huge effort put by the Armenian American Cultural Society of Las Vegas, to commemorate the Victims of the Armenian Genocide.
The Monument will cost around 120.000 USD and should be ready at the end of this year and all of will be paid by the Armenian American Society.

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“2015 marks the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide, where a million and a half Armenians were killed during World War I,” said Andy Armenian, a board member of an Armenian American Society of Las Vegas.
Every year, on April 24 , the Armenian community members gather to commemorate the Genocide and to honor the victims of the Ottoman Empire, who were innocently murdered and repelled outside their own land.
“The monument will serve as a destination to reflect and place some memorial flowers,” Armenian said.

The Armenian American Society hopes to have the project completed in about a year. We should add that the Armenian Community of Las Vegas is an active community and recently (2013) built their own Church St. Garabed.

The Proclamation Text:

WHEREAS, on the night of April 24, 1915, more than 200 leaders in the Armenian community, in the city known today as Istanbul, were arrested. Sent to prison, most were executed, beginning a horrible, systemic killing and forced relocation of the Armenian people that would last until 1923. During these years, the government of the Ottoman Empire claimed the lives of 1.5 million Armenians and forced 500,000 more from their homeland. The Armenian Genocide was a terrible breach of human rights and an event that has outraged the world; and
WHEREAS, the atrocities carried out against the Armenian people were grave and unimaginable, as they were subjected to deportation, abduction, torture, starvation, and more. And as with any violent conflict, Armenian women and children suffered the worst abuses. The bulk of the Armenian population that was displaced from their homes was forced to escape to neighboring as well as faraway countries. Many fled to the United States; and
WHEREAS, today Nevada is honored to be home to a vibrant growing Armenian-American population. This thriving community is a proud reminder of survival and determination even in the face of extreme injustice; and
WHEREAS, as Americans and Nevadans, it is our duty to raise awareness of the Armenian Genocide and to participate in the remembrance and mourning of the loss of innocent lives a century ago; and
WHEREAS, as Americans and Nevadans, we call upon Congress and the President of the United States to recognize the atrocities committed against the Armenian people, and call upon the Republic of Turkey to acknowledge the facts of the Armenian Genocide and work toward a just resolution;
NOW, THEREFORE, I, BRIAN SANDOVAL, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF NEVADA, do hereby proclaim April 19-26, 2015, as
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