Proposal on an Airplane: Armenian Young Man asks his Love to Marry him

When it’s time for the proposal, Jack Sepilian asks for everyone’s attention on an airplane. We see a young man walking in the aisle of an airplane, and apologizing for the interruption and telling everyone their story. He walks towards Sarine Aynedjian, telling everybody how he had met her on his way back from Armenia; and how his life had changed ever since; because he had met his angel or soulmate.

The Actual Proposal went like this, walking towards the love of his life: “Sarine Aynedjian, I love you!! Will you marry me? And she hugs him. She says Yes!!

We wish the lovely couple from Lebanon, long, joyful life and a happily ever after.

Update: According to our sources, the beautiful couple, Jack and Sarine tied the knots in a wonderful wedding in 2019.
We wish Mr. & Mrs. Jack and Sarine Sepilian, Best wishes on their wonderful journey, as they build their new lives together.

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