In a Report by Henrick Vartanian from The Promise film Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, some of the actors, in addition to the director and producer of the movie, share their experience of making the movie under the radars and away from the social media to prevent any Turkish pressure to stop the movie, as previous movies that were related to the genocide like “The 40 Days of Musa dagh” was blocked by the Turkish propaganda.

Shohreh Aghdashloo Iranian Actress says “It’s Amazing… a hundred years… we’ve been waiting to see this and what I’m hoping that this film would do is just bring us to our senses and for us to realize that we cannot be enemies anymore, we cannot afford to be enemies anymore we need to understand each other and we need to stop this, because what took place a hundred years ago is happening right now as we are speaking…”

Director Terry George commented saying: “…the amazing thing about The Promise, is that the very area where our story is set, which is in the region of Aleppo, and the scenes that we shot are being… not reenacted… are being… happening everyday now… the same refugees fleeing across the same area, the same landscape, fleeing into water, so one hundred years on we’ve gone back to the same events, so it’s great to have an opportunity to try to stimulate audiences around the world to say look this(Genocide) is happening again this has got to stop…”

Actress Angela Sarafian said: “I think it’s incredibly important especially for Armenians and I think it’s important to recognize something as horrendous as Armenian Genocide that if it doesn’t happen if it’s not recognized it repeats itself so I think this movie is the most beautiful way to do it…”

The movie is out and expected to be seen on cinema screens worldwide starting April 2017, it has already been targeted by organized media mafia to lower the rating on IMDB, so we advise to go to the IMDB Site and vote for a better rating for the movie.

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